Eczema and I: Battling Eczema, sensitive skin and depressions


Two months; probably the most visits to the doctor that I have done in my entire 26 years old life. After rough training for BIM, I have suffered severe eczema on my face and hand but the thought of it will goes away never happened because I got infections. Its started in the middle of May when I was busy with football's training etc. My usual Dyshidrotic Eczema (a small blisters appeared on the palm, usually itchy and causing my hands become coarse and ugly!) were infected. I first seek treatment at my company's panel clinic. Everything went well for a week and then it re-occurred again. I went back to the same doctor and he prescribed me a higher dose of antibiotics. Same things happened; the infection attacked again after 2 days of antibiotics free. It was the 4th follow up (3rd re-occurred infection), the doctor was shocked and write me a letter to seek further treatment at the Dermatology specialist doctor at QE1. My first diagnose was Impetigo on both palms and on the last diagnose (after 3rd time in three weeks relapse) is Impetigo with the staph infections. Staph infections treatment is way out of the clinic's usual cases, hence they refer me to Dr Zagham at QE1. I'm now on my monthly appointment with my doctor instead of weekly and fortnightly appointment like previous one. I still have re-occurrence infections going on but my doctor has stopped my antibiotics almost three weeks ago; in order for my body to fight things on it own since my antibody apparently zero at the moment. Oh, my last diagnose was Infected Pompholyx and I'm still waiting for my biopsy result.

Apart from my palms, my face were also in rebellious mood. I was battling with infections on my palms and my super sensitive face. The heat didn't helped at all. In fact, the heat caused my face became more super sensitive than ever. I haven't wore any make up since June! I couldn't wash my face or use my usual skincare products. My doctor did explained that there is some kind of eczema season at the moment and usually all of this will passed as well. *finger's crossed!* When my infections got worse at first, I have taken almost half of my annual sick leave which of course causing lots of problems and dramas in my work life. I never told anyone nor my little sister that my superior asked me if I really want to work with them because I'm taking a lots of MC(s) as if I want to get sick myself. I couldn't forget her exact words because it's really hurt me - emotionally. I don't want to create any problem because I need my paycheck to support my medical bills. Honestly, I was dumbfounded. How could someone said something like that when that particular person is struggling to keep everything professional while she was sick? I cried the whole week (damn you hormones) because of what she had said. Though I keep thinking of updating my resumes and send out application for other job because of that. However, things got better. I try to keep everything positive and I try to simplify everything in my life so it is a bit stress free (as stress is one of the main factor of eczema) and slowly changed my eating habits.

Calm apps for meditation purpose. I'm on my day 3. 

So far, as July came..I can honestly write that I'm getting hold of it. My infections didn't really bothered me that much anymore because as long as I keep everything clean, ate good foods and make sure I didn't stress myself, it will be gone by next day or two. As for my work; I try to be professional and set aside any emotional things that I have with my superior and just try my best. At the moment, I am limiting my social life and I only spend most of my time with my family and doing some meditation (which apparently helps me to sleep well at night) plus research on how other eczema sufferers battled with their demons. As far as my eating habits, I'm trying this new Elimination diet (Dairy & gluten free diet) to try to self-investigate what types of foods that causing my allergic and worsen my eczema. Meantime, my skincare products were replaced with eczema friendly products which are basically paraben-free and chemical free! Hopefully I will recover soon and I will keep on updating my battles with eczema in my blog.

Always stay positive.
Till then. x


  1. Stay calm ...I like that. Back 3 years ago when I was on my strict diet I did hit by some kind of skin allergy. I lose weight but then I had allergy that caused bad itchiness all over my face. I didn't how did I recovered but I remembered I was having a none restless night.

    I guess, I started to calm and soothe myself with aroma therapy massage. It helps me a lot with my sleeping and before I could realized I am already recovered from my skin problem.

  2. Hi Moi :)

    Yes, I'm having some kind of withdrawal now as I'm switching into more natural healing.
    Its really hard to managed the stress level though as everyone keep on asking wtf is wrong with my face. *cries*


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