[KK-KL-KBV] Day 4: Island Hopping Tour + Thai’s Traditional Massage

Disclaimer: Pardon the heavy post. I'm trying to finish this Krabi's travelogue as soon as possible before my fragile memory turn 70's.

Post Viper's challenge woke me up early at 5 am. The others are still sleeping peacefully while I try to move my body into comfortable position. Lacking in mattress size unlike the previous Tune Hotel's bed, my body still managed to get a good night rest. As I can't force myself to sleep anymore, I spend about an hour watching YouTube before I decided to call it a morning and took a quick shower. At 6.15 am, everyone already woke up and preparing ourselves to get an early breakfast before the tour van arrived. For our first tour, we decided to go Island Hopping. I managed to get THB1000/person for this 1 day Phi Phi Islands tour inclusive lunch and snacks provided. My bargaining skills have increased immensely over three years. lol 

All glorious small town Ao Nang in the morning.

Most shop or restaurant at Ao Nang opened around 9 am so its took us quite some time to find a place to grabbed a quick breakfast as the tour guide will come and collect us from the hostel at 7.30 am. Found a vendor that opened their stall using another restaurant which only operate at night time (talk about wise business arrangement #thumbsup!). They served the best chicken porridge, Char Kui and Milk Coffee! 100% authentic local food – made from scratch!

ERMAIGAD. The Char kui is to die for. Dipped it into the Pandan and sweetened condensed milk sauce = HEAVEN. Plus the coffee and the Chicken’s porridge; I could eat like this everyday. Literally.

Tour Bus has arrived.

Seriously without flaws – on time; the tour bus picked us up from our hostel. There was lots of other tourist in our group but almost 80% were Malaysian. Luckily we managed to changed quickly into the new bikini that we have bought (upon serious bargain that morning..) and then went along in our tour bus to the next destination. Here's a little bit of itinerary for our Phi Phi Island tour:
  • Our first stop is Viking Cave. No drop off allowed as we are only sightseeing and take photos of the supposed ancient wall painting. (Honestly, I didn't saw any paintings cause the place were full with other boats - speedboats and long boats! It's insane.) The only thing that I saw was a wood scaffolding against a wall where the painting might appeared so..
  • After spending about 10 minutes or so taking photos while our tour guide; May tried to explain about the place in her broken English gibberish-ly (She's sweet and attentive to all her tour group but really..a blogger-mind need more info please!) Then we head off to the ever crowded; apparently very popular Maya Bay. Our boat drop us here for 30 minutes..or 40-ish I think. We had fun here HAHA probably because I can wear bikini without feeling ashamed since no one know me! The view (admist the crowd) is still breathtaking. You will see the white sand and the clear blue sea water and you just feel like you are in heaven. Wait till you swallowed the salt water. Damn.
  • Afterward, we went to the Monkey Bay where we took monkey photos from the speedboat. This earned un-satisfied grunts from other tourist as they thought we are allowed to go to the beach and took the monkey photo closely. I don't really mind as monkey did not fascinate me. lol
  • Next we stopped in front of Phi Phi island for a bit of snorkeling. The waves were crazy and my safety jacket didn't gave me much assurance as well. Though Putri and I braved ourselves for a few minutes to see the majestic coral reefs previously boasted by the other tourist. Eventhough it was only about 1-2 minutes, I am so happy to see the corals and the fishes! Honestly, I'm kinda afraid because I was holding onto the boat rail while my head keep on getting hit by it! After one of the tour guide assistant saw my suicide attempt, he keep an eye over me and helped me back into the boat safely. With all those adrenaline pumping in my system, I'm now very hungry.
  • Luckily our next destination is Phi Phi Island itself for rest and lunch! We are given an hour for lunch and a little bit of rest before we went to the last destination. The lunch provided is more like a buffet style and as always everything taste amazing. I had my fillings twice; I guess I'm really hungry. Though queuing for toilet is a pain in the ass, no pun intended.
  • With a very happy tummy and heavy eyelids, we went to the last destination - Bamboo Island. It took about an hour to get there so most of us were taking a naps. Same as Maya Bay, this island also packed. Though the size is larger compared to Maya Bay so there's enough room for everyone. Let me quote this "OK na everyone. This is Bamboo Island. For relaxing and snorkeling na. At 3 pm we will take you back. Must be back before 3 pm na." (May, group 8's tour guide; 2015) Different from snorkeling at the Phi Phi Don, the water level at Bamboo island is shallow and everyone can do it! We had tons of fun and ended up very tired before 3 pm. lol
  • Around 3 - ish, we packed our equipment and bags and headed back to the boat and return safe and sound to Ao Nang.
Here are few snaps for memory keep sake! *die happy*

Ancient wall painting at Viking Cave.

Random tourist on the long boat at Viking cave.

Postcard worthy - Breathtaking view of Maya Bay beach. 

Definitely a trip I will never forget.

We arrived at the hostel around 5 pm and straight away took a shower to removed all the salts and dirt. My face was throbbing due to the sunburns and we managed to get a power naps before we woke up. Our initial plan was to get a Thai's massage at the end of the trip, the night before our return flight but everyone was so tired and having a strained muscle after the island trip. Hence, we decided to go for a massage afterward. After strolling around, we finally found a massage centre that we agreed on and OMG - my body was so happy! Post viper pains plus all those island hopping exercises was gone after one hour traditional massage.

While waiting for the other three masseurs and Cath is first!

After the massage, we still have not enough self-pampering so Liza, Cath and moi decided to get manicure and pedicure. THB200 for manicure and pedicure. Next, we went to Kai Tuan stall for our dinner.

Like the previous night, we had a Pad Thai, some mixed vegetables and green curry.

What a nice way to end our second night in Ao Nang.

Till the next part: Elephant's ride and Waterfall visit.


  1. punya siok sy tgk gmbr2 ko!!! sy plan mo pi next year ni.. bole share2 ka brapa budget for this particular trip???

    1. Bah plan la moi! Sy punya budget hari tu RM800 jak (termasuk transport + hostel + makan), ada jga la sy tetukar RM50 yg last day utk beli souvenior..klau kamu pg tour dia, kamu mesti nego habis habisan..hehe :)

    2. maybe ko patut1 short post utk breakdown ko pnya budget, klau tidak keberatan la.. hehe :)

    3. Memang thinking to do a short post on the budget jga ni moi :) ehehe nanti lepas habis day by day punya..hee

  2. wow great pictures =)


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