[KK-KL-KBV] Day 3: iDeal Beds Hostel & local Thai’s food {Part 2}

Continuity post from Day 3 {Part 1} – HERE.

Checked in was a breeze. The owner, Mr Am recognized us immediately – probably because I was a fussy tourist asking lots of questions before I decided to go with this hostel. Well, I am a VIRGO. Being fussy is typical. Honestly I’m grateful that everyone was in love with the room. Our virgin experience with hostel ended up unexpectedly awesome. Or everyone just being nice because they saw how tired and badly bruised I am - to care about others than bed. LOL After the normal check-in formalities, we went direct to our room at level 2. Cursing all the way to level 2 while carrying my almost 15kgs of luggage. The room is equipped with two double-deckers beds i.e 4 beds, 4 huge closets (can fit normal size luggage perfectly) and the entire cutesy etc. The bathrooms were only next door which fully equipped with toilet, hot shower, hair dryer and mirror. If I’m not mistaken, there were total of 2 rooms on each floor.

I think everything is OK. The bed is comfy enough and the room and the bathroom/toilet are always clean. The location is very strategic – there is a Tour shop in front this hostel and it was easy negotiating for a better tour price. Next to the hostel, there are lines of eatery ranging from normal restaurant to bars and the Family Mart are scattered almost everywhere in Ao Nang. For only RM50 per night, I couldn’t ask for more.

If you are interested about this hostel, I will leave below info for your further reference:
Ideal Beds Hostel Ao Nang Beach
Address: Moo 2 TambonAo Nang, Ao Nang Beach, KR 81000, Thailand.
Phone: +66 84 164 8771
FYI, I have booked and liaise with the hostel for our room via Booking.com

After tons of Go-Pro action and #selfie, we decided to roam around looking for authentic local foods. We have agreed that we will only eat local foods and no fast food during our trip. Of course I was 100% in agreement with the local food as Tom Yam is my favourite food of all time. The first restaurant that we went is more like a fusion of Thailand and Indian (?).

 Don't bother to correct your screen resolution. The restaurant indeed emaciating green colour environment so we also did not bother ourselves to adjust our camera setting.
 We had Pineapple's Thai Fried rice, Tom Yam and Green curry. We all agreed that everything tasted so Malaysian-ish. #dissapointed It's very expensive somemore about THB500 (?) Estimated about RM50 for what the restaurant considered as 1 person dish. -.-"

We are disappointed and lost. We really need some hearty local foods – made from the scratch by the true local. So with half filled tummy we wandered around the street while checking out the bikini(s) prices from store to store. As we moved further, we stumbled upon one small stall - more like those we have in rural area and their two small tables are fulled with foreigners! We had an agreement with each other that the possibility of this stall were 100% local hence we wait until the foreigners left. Immediately we took a seat and welcomed by a friendly old guy and his wife. Merely old, perhaps between 45-ish to 50-ish. I forgot his age; he did mentioned but you know....brain capacity to store information is very limited. #excuses After we sat down and the uncle took our orders, another group of foreigners joined us. 

Thanking Liza for her quick #gopro action or else I confirm forgot this stall name. 

The foreigners from France are very amused with our #selfie photos - coz most us took a selfie shamelessly. So they decided to join the fun! This photo is taken by the stall owner. As usual, we don't care if the others are amused or thought our vain's selfie are funny - as long as we are happy and our tummy is happy! Everything is just MEH. :) Right? Oh, by the way we had the yummiest Pad Thai (for those curious about this dish can check HERE for more info and recipes), Tom Yam and spring rolls. We got hooked and came to this stall every night when we are in Ao Nang. Yes, every night.

Taught this France guy how to do proper #selfie or in this case #wefie. Funny though they thought selfie were taken by other instead of themselves. lol 

The bikini(s) shopping are forgotten once we had a full tummy.
So we decided to call it a night and only buy a bikini in the next morning. Went back to the hostel around 11.30-ish. Took a shower and k.o-ed immediately.

Till the next Day 4: Island Hopping post.


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