JPCC WORSHIP 2015 CONCERT – Praise & Worship @ Kota Kinabalu

I might missed the Hillsong’s Asia Tour this year due to empty purse’s post – vacation but I am so happy that another worship team; JPCC Worship team with Sidney Mohede came down to KK on Saturday 06th June 2015. My little bro’s GF helped us bought the ticket and we planned to go together. Here’s the thing, not many people know how worse my health that time. My fresh post – biopsy – stiches are still red and all the wounds on my palm are still hurt. Bending my three right fingers was impossible that time. At the same time, my little sister was unwell and decided not to go. Though everything almost prevented me from going, I followed my instinct and just go. Somewhere or somehow my inner being knows what’s going to happen later. Fast forward to arriving at Glory Christian Centre – as expected, the parking space was fully vacated. We are so lucky that our small Kancil can fit into a small-but-not-a-parking place near the entrance.

Its feel like a dream finally come true.

Everyone are seated while waiting for the event to start. As we came a bit late and those chair on the top podium are for the elder and so on, we decided to make a camp below the stage area.

What is this event without #selfie or #wefie for memory keep sake. TEHEE
PS. That is my 2nd brother but he's no longer available. 

Around 8 pm, the event started by a little speech from the organizer GCC Kota Kinabalu and then he introduced Pastor Sidney to all of us. Who doesn't Pastor Sidney Mohede? I basically grown up listening to all his worship songs especially during my study year where I hardly managed to go to church but my religious belief is strong as ever with the help from all his worship's song - basically played out every night.


Here are some 15 seconds video (was supposed to upload in my Instagram but failed) during the concert. 

Honestly, I was all teary even from the start when Pastor Sidney Mohede started his worship with a prayer for all Sabahan. In his prayer, he asked for protection, strength and healing. Everyone rose up both their hands and pray together with him. Some were crying. I’m most definitely cried. I’m an empath; when the environment turned to gloomy and filled with sadness, my throat choked and then I cried because it was so sad. The Sabah quake; happened a day before the concert has taken life and affects many others. A family lose their father and children. You can feel those sad emotions run strong during the prayer. After the emotional opening prayer, JPCC started their concert with a very emotional and powerful song. Most of their song choices that night were all about praising and acknowledging God Almighty, about restoring and healing all those broken heart and at the same time praying to God for everything, for every pain, blessing and His everlasting love. Conclusively, it was one emotional prayer and worship for me. It was amazing as it was healing those entire little crooks in my spirit. I definitely had fun. Last but not least, Thanks to the Almighty Father and Jesus for this amazing experiences and blessing. 

Next on my bucket list would be Hillsong’s concert. *finger’s crossed*


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