[KK-KL-KBV] Day 3: Post - Viper challenge & Flight to Krabi {Part 1}

Good morning world!!

Or not.

OMG. The post viper's challenge pains are expected yet so unbearable. Imagined I woke up at 3 am in the morning and try to move my body to go to the bathroom. Damn hard. I feel like I just went into an accident, hit by a huge lorry. Though the pains are gone once I had lain down on bed. Tried getting back to sleep and rest but failed. wtf So, I continued to read the new novel that I’ve bought from Sunflower the other day - Intimate Beings. lol Finished the book at 6 am - ish and my body demanded her crucial morning's coffee. T.T Try to deny the body but ended up getting grumpy. Great - this is not how I expected to start my second trip. So, I forced myself to get up from the comfortable and pain-free bed and wore the still a little bit wet knee support to walk. Hey, I'm walking! With the help of knee's support, I managed to go KLIA2 - using the stairs somemore to get my morning coffee. #thingsIdoforcoffee

Went to Gloria's Jean Coffee shop to get the big-tall-huge-handsome black coffee and Ham's sandwich. A very cool way to re-start the day. I wish I could live my morning everyday like that, pain-free of course. Satisfied with the Jo' and with happy tummy + hormones, I walked back to the comfort of my bed. Tune Hotel's bed is the best!

Whatsapped Liza, asking where they are coz they will be taking an early flight from KK and what time they will arived at KLIA2. Then I went straight to the la la land. About 10 am - ish, I woke feeling a bit OK though waking up from the bed is hell. Saw Liza's chat saying that they already arrived and now at Mc'Donald to kill time before our flight in the evening. Since I was supposed to check out at 11 am as well, I decided to join them. Took a hot shower, cleaned the room as best as I could - sands are everywhere tho; blame Viper’s Challenge for that. Exactly at 11 am - I checked out from the room that sheltered me for 2 nights. Thank you Tune Hotel. I totally #recommended this hotel guys.

Viper's Challenge finisher tee yo! :P

Meet up with Liza and her sister, Cath. Killing time surfing the net and stalking - lol. Typical. And we wait for another partner in crime, Putri. Though I meet Putri and Cath for the first time that day, we bonded immediately. Since it was our first time boarding International flight at KLIA2, it is crucial that we went checked in and boarded early. Electronic Custom's clearance was so cool: you just put your passport and all your data appeared on the screen and you only need to put your finger print for verification. How cool is that? Departed from KLIA2 a bit late from the schedule and reached Krabi safely around 6 pm local time. Krabi, Thailand is 1 hour behind Malaysia. Meaning 6 pm at Krabi equal to 7 pm at Malaysia.

Send this photo to the #fambam chat group - to let them know their precious baby daughter/sister has safely landed at destination. Afterward, my baby brothers bombarded me with "sawadekap sardin king cup" jokes etc *scoff*

We bought a local simcard for THB200 with unlimited internet for 5 days. The salesman/woman helped us to change and activated the card before we go to Ao Nang. After all our phone data are properly working; we went to the Taxi counter to book our transport to Ao Nang. The standard price is THB600 per limousine. Not-your-ordinary-taxi-yo. Then off we go to Ao Nang. Its took about 40 minutes, the driver suddenly stop in front of the new fresh night market and suddenly got this lady came to us asking where are we staying and if got book any tours or not. HEH I didn't come to Krabi unprepared lady - this is the usual tactics where a driver with a tourist will drop by at somewhere i.e tour's counter area and forced to buy their tours package. Not force lah - just sternly offering liddat. So, I told the lady "Sorry. We already booked tours package with our hostel" then she keep asking "Are you sure?" and I said "YES.YES" Honestly we haven’t book any. LOL Being told NO, she left with er - angry sad face and our driver returned to continue the journey. 10 minutes later, we arrived at Ao Nang and the limo (wow..sound so grand) drop us in front of our hostel. Not a typo ya, it's not hotel but backpacker's hostel - iDeals Bed Hostel, Ao Nang.

Since I was the one who do the research and booked the hostel via Booking.com and liaise with the owner - I was in charged to check all of us in. Oh, the rate for 1 bedroom with 4 beds is THB6,000 for 4 days and 3 nights stay. I was kinda worried if the rest didn't favoured the room but luckily everyone was so happy with the room. It was so cute and unbelievably clean; so we spend about 30 minutes taking photos and #selfie. *insert-tongue-sticking-out-emoticon*

I'll write the review about the hostel together with our first night at Krabi in part 2.
Till then,



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