Borneo International Marathon 2015: 1st Half-Marathon

A year ago, someone told me that I couldn't run - far. I keep on proving shocking everyone by participating a lots of running event and extreme event this year. Apart from Viper's Challenge, I have been training hard for my first ever Half marathon. As crazy as it's sound, I am now a proud Borneo International Marathon 21KM (Half-Marathon) finisher. In fact, I beat up my personal best for 10KM and 12KM and have improved my pace amazingly in less of a year duration. *pat-self* I kinda miss those day - meds free and I can run to release stress. I'm now homebound due to extreme allergic and some infection thus I have free time to update my running event. I have decided to rest for 2 months - June and July to regain back my health and slowly get into running again.

So, Borneo International Marathon 2015 or shortly know as BIM - funny is I started late because all the road are close for Full Marathon runners. I have to run about 1 KM to the starting line and started 6 minutes late than the rest of the runners. I didn't really push myself that much at the first 10KM. In fact I was damn enjoying my run until the last 5KM. Once I have finished the UMS route and on my way back to the finish line - all hell break loose. My legs keep on cramping along the way. I stopped few times for sprays. Managed to run till the last 2KM and then I no longer able to run. As painful as it was, I keep on going. Inner battles were damn scary. I was mentally push up myself by saying almost there almost there and must finished strong. Upon approaching the finish line, the cheers lifted up my almost dying spirit. Push my legs to run for the finish line and the moment I crossed over the finish line - I was like Thank God. I couldn't believe that I am HM finisher. The organizer put the medal on my neck and I feel like a champion. lol Stopped at the Revive booth to get some hydration coz I'm obviously dehydrated. Whatsapped some of my friends but mostly already went back coz they are 10KM finishers. So, being cool it is :)

Finisher medal yo! The 4th medal out of 5 targeted medals this year.

#selfie game still strong *wink*

How well did I run? Well, not bad. Pretty good for 1st time I must say. *pat self - again*
I tracked my run using MiCoach apps. #totallyrecommended this apps guys! Apart from Nike, I think Adidas did amazing running apps as well.

I now shall concentrate getting my health back to top and grind this new pace. Oh, did I mention - losing weight gave me a better running pace and control. Being less than 68kgs did wonder to my running pace. TEHEE!

Till then,
Drink a lots of H2O!


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