Its VIPER CHALLENGE day! ERMAIGAD. I couldn't believe that I was training for more than 5 months for this challenge alone. lol Chris whatsapped me saying that he will picked me up from Tune Hotel around 5 am. I woke up at 4 am but hesitated to leave the bed. Typical. I even whatsapped Chris asking if he's already up since he need to drive about 1 hour from his place to mine. When he didn't reply, I went back into a short nap. -.-" Again. Typical.

Posted this photo up at Instagram at 4.30 am. Done light stretching just to woke my sleeping muscle(s). lol At this time, Chris told me that he will reach Tune Hotel soon, so I quickly take shower and pack.

Reached SIC (Sepang International Circuit) at 5.40 am. We went directly to the entrance without registered ourselves. lol We are damn lucky we spotted few of the participants with wrist band - we asked where is the registration counter and we queue up according to our team flag off time.

My team "Sieghart" - consist of me and Chris; flag off time is at 7.40 am. I was so nervous. My adrenaline were pumping up high until I have to move or more like jumping around to ease my excitement + nervous.

Getting more nervous, so lets take a foot-fie. lol

This is how I look pre-Viper. I didn't bring my phone nor the power gel that I've bought previously. The only protection I have is hand-glove, knee guard/support and my running shoe. So, please do not expect photos during the challenge coz I got nothing. lol Except a vivid memories on how I was trying to survived those challenge without killing myself. 

Viper's challenge is so awesome, we even need to climb a short wall (luckily..) to get into the starting line. The MC did a very good job to pumped up our adrenaline more, trying to relax and stretched all the possible muscle I have by dancing a bit to the upbeat music. Exactly a few minutes later, we are running to our first obstacles. I remember the challenges but the sequences and their names probably got mixed up. However here it is:

Another disclaimer: Photos taken from various source will be linked and credited to their owner. Only photos with F.L.H watermarks are taken by yours truly.

I forgot the name of the 1st obstacle. Its the first water challenge where you have to go down into the water, take a deep breath and swim passed the wall to go to the other side. Though you are supposed to go into the water, some super excited participant were climbing the wall. lol I tried twice at the first challenge, I was so nervous so I failed the  first attempt. Second time, I just dipped my head, held the wall for support (to ensure I won't hit my head on the wall when I submerged..) and push my body. Walao. I passed. Chris was waiting for me at the other side coz he finished early. Then off we go to the next obstacles. 

(Rapid Fire - Source)

2nd obstacle is Rapid fire. No, they didn't throw fire at us. We just need to jump over the fire. YES. Jump over, as if the fire is were low. Mine was quite high by the way. This one easy peasy, I confidently said to my teammate.

As if the easy Rapid fire were a curse, the 3rd obstacle is not easy if you're alone or team made of from two. Yep, the popular "Stuck in the mud". 1st bunker was easy. 2nd bunker I need Chris help. 3rd, 4th and 5th bunkers - we survived because other team helped us. The 3rd bunker filled with knee length mud is a hell of challenge. I dunno who pushed my butt up though, till I managed to get up and help others. Thank stranger!  

4th obstacle is easy though. Commando crawl. 

5th obstacle is Spider wall - I think. Ugh, I am bad with names! Result - I failed. Obviously not enough upper body strength and my nails are long so I can't hold the tiny tiniest support on the wall.

6th obstacle - crossing over humongous logs. HEH. My legs cramps here when I tried to cross over the log. Stopped and cursed. TEHEE. And of course try again. I pushed my body, crawl on top of the log and when down slowly. Passed! Though things get tough afterward. *cries*

Stairway to no way in heaven. If you fall from the top, you could die. (Source)

7th obstacle - Stairway to Heaven. One of the mentally tough obstacle that I remembered its name. We have to climbed about 5 metres high of wall made of thin wood - its thin coz I know it almost can't handle my weight. lol Nah, that's just one of the mental stuffs that almost prevent me from succesfully pass this obstacle. Climbing was fun - I like. Crossing over on top was the challenge. My fears overwhelmed me when I tried to cross over. My legs and hands turned into jello. I was of course cursing. There were this kakak next to me who let her fear got over her and her legs got cramp. While I can't (yet..) cross over, I shouted to her, giving her supports so that she can relax a bit. I went down and cross over at the second top wall since I was more confident crossing over with support from the upper wall. Of course I passed. As soon as I touched down, the kakak and one of the Viper's instructor went down slowly as well. We high five each other once she touched down. Strangers became a friend there.

8th obstacle - Mini inclined wall. Zero upper body = poor Chris legs. Passed, of course with the help of my awesome teammate! Next year I vow to return and conquer this obstacle alone.

9th obstacle - Muddy creek. Just walking romantically while conquering the muds. Easy but we smell like buffalo. Oh, and there's this one area where the mud goes thigh deep. Ya, I kinda hang myself around Chris that time coz I'm afraid I won't be able to get up. lol 

10th obstacle - Another commando crawl, except this time plus muddy water. Passed though injured my legs and elbow due to the small sharp rock in the muddy water. I let 'em bleed through until the finish line. 

11th obstacle - We were hungry and soooooo tired. My legs started killing me and I really thought the next obstacles in the Bad plumbing - one of the obstacle that VP team released before the challenge just to let us know what we will face during the challenge. Thanking God its wasn't but a bit disappointed as well because I want to do all the hardcore one while I still have stamina left. Anyhow, there's a pipe that filled with muddy water and we have to go through and crawl under the net. Passed and I like this one.

12th obstacle - Higher inclined wall. Almost almost almost gave up this challenge but one guy helped Chris to push me up. My shoe were slippery and I keep falling down, I was cursing coz I'm slowing my team and poor Chris, so I pushed my body, hooked my legs and push up until I managed to sat on the wall. Pretty impressive going up but when I look down, damn, its was higher than I thought. Without thinking, I just jumped and cramp my legs - again. MAJOR PROUD with myself though. Damn, I passed one of the hardest upper body challenge.

13th obstacle - Bad Plumbing. Anticipated this obstacle because when I first saw the video on VP's facebook, I told myself I must - whatever happened - I must must must do this challenge. At first, I went  inside the pipe before Chris and stop at the end because I GOT SCARED. When you look from the outside, its doesn't really look that scary but when you are inside the pipe and about to jump down into the water; you might cry. I almost cry. lol I crawled back outside. Told Chris I got scared and I couldn't do it. He offered to go first and let me watch how he do it. He gracefully do it and passed! *envy* Mentally slapped myself and trying to get over the fears, so I went inside the pipe again. I was trying to maneuver around but I hardly fit so I lay down on my back and push myself out. When I try to stand, one of my legs fall on the ground, I laughed and the others asked me to just jump. So, I just jump lah.I falled into the 6 metres water wtf Tried to swim but my legs were so tired. Anyway I slowly used my hand and finally PASSED. Now I truly believe the quote - whatever your mind said you can do it, you can. But if you said you cannot, then you failed. 

Though I'm not a strong swimmer - I successfully conquered Bad Plumbing!

14th obstacle - Monkey Ring. I think this was before Bad Plumbing. lol Sorry, messed up sequence. Anyhow, I failed on the second ring. TQVM

15th obstacle - Slippery Senorita. We slide down slowly and suddenly toward the end, it was so fast. I SUPER DUPER LOVE this obstacles. Its remind me of JB's theme park. MAX FUN!

16th obstacle - Nerves of Steel. Crossing over using a cable upside down. Failed. lol Expected. No upper body strength left.

17th obstacle - Going up a 5 metres wall and cross over. Chris successfully passed this though he was so shaky. I tried but failed. Nevermind, I try OK.

18th obstacle - Balance beam. Legs hurt and body balance were totally out. Both of us failed. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA

19th obstacle - Wood ramp. After the balance beam, my legs cramps pretty badly so I didn't try this one. Next year, I will!! Chris tried but failed and injured his arms. 

20th obstacle - Underwater barrel. Easy, I guess. Though I hit my head too many times. 

21th obstacle - Ramp of Triumph. Nah, enough for me. 

Crossing over the finish line after 6 hours of fun - pun intended was sooooo amazing. I feel like a champion when they put the medal on me. Almost teary. I silently gave thanks to God - for protecting me during the 6 hours of fun, tortures etc and told Chris "Finally". We keep encouraging each other with "almost there" and then we are there - its truly a moment you can't described beyond words.


wtf hair -,-"

SIEGHART with their proud medals. Oh, please excuse my hair. Its was muddy and got hard when its dry. Post-viper face yo!

Ramp of Triumph.
I see you next year! 

Collected our bags and went to the wash down area to shower and changed. Wearing finisher T-shirt; proudly. Thank you Chris, you are the best teammate any beginner like me could ever ask for. Thank you for your encouragement and helps along the way. I couldn't survived without you. Honestly. I am very thankful for you. :') We headed back around 4 pm, we drop by KLIA2 to hunt some foods. Approximately around 6.30 pm, we bid each other good-bye. Went back to Tune Hotel and washed away all the muds and dirt in the shower. Cleaned up my muddy shoe and directly went to hug the pillow! Ah, the bitter-sweet moment when your exhausted body hit the bed. 

But then I noticed this...

Cuts and bruises from Viper Challenge yo!
Sent the photos to my family's chat group, guess what my dad said?
"Expensive cuts and bruises you got there"

It didn't took me long to fall into a deep comma this time. At 7 pm, I went into a hibernating + recovery sleep. Though I woke up at 3 am, unable to move my body and post-Viper's pain attacks!
Everytime I moved, I winced in pains. I cursed. Because the next morning I will continue my holiday in Krabi. How to enjoy holiday when you're in pains?! 

I ended Day 2 post with a very tired photo of mine.


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