[KK-KL-KBV] Day 1 - KLIA Express, Noodles Station and Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley {Part 2}

Disclaimer: Continuity post from Day 1 - {Part 1}

After happily rolling on the bed countless time while shamelessly takes thousand of #selfie, I finally managed to push myself to changed and got ready to explore KL after years. Quickly whatsapped my ex college friends, Aisah, Chris and Naresh for a quick meet up at Mid Valley. While both Naresh and Aisah agreed, Chris was up for last minute Viper's training. lol So, he skipped.

#selfie with Tune Hotel as background. Damn, I look skinny here. lol

5 minutes walks from Tune Hotel to KLIA2. Went to KLIA Express ticket booth and bought one way ticket cost RM35 to KL Sentral. The fast yet expensive way to get to the KL city. Another alternative would be taking Taxi and Bus; which is cheaper about RM10 if I'm not mistaken. However, KLIA Express only took about 30 minutes to reach KL and I valued my time so much hence the travelling choice.

Only transit for a short period of minutes at KLIA terminal and then whoosh out to KL Sentral.

The reason why I wanted to drop by at KL Sentral, even for a while - to visit this store that sell second hand books!! Located at the 1st floor, go left and straight, and you can see the store (now expanded!) name Sunflower. The second-hand books cost range between RM10 to RM18 and some new hardcover book also very cheap. I bought two books here lol I couldn't help myself.

Afterward I hopped into KTM and headed to Mid Valley to meet up with my friends and hunt some cheap knee's support/guard, power gel and protein bar (which I didn't even take during Viper lol)
After managed to bought knee's support/guard cheaply at RM5 store, I have about 1 hour left before my friends arrived. So I decided to take brunch + dinner at Noodle's Station.

The menu were raving about their spring noodles. So I have to try it!

As usual, I ordered my favorite Tom Yam flavor with their springy noodles.

Drink: Iced Hazelnut latte - if I'm not mistaken. Taste OK lah.

The verdict?
I like their Tom Yam soup base. Though I find the tomatoes are slightly under-cooked - I've always prefer thoroughly cooked and mushy tomatoes in Tom Yam soup. They are not stingy with their ingredients - I like the prawns, its cooked to perfection and not chewy or over-cooked. While their springy noodles were not really my favorite. YES It is springy but I find it's a bit chewy and tad under-cooked.
Rate: 5/10 (5 because I always love Tom Yam lol)

After 3 years post-graduation, I finally meet up with these two - Naresh and Aisah. The obsessed angler and runner. We catch up mostly on what we are doing now i.e work, hobby, life lol
Basically we all doing just fine - enjoying our youth while its last doing things that we love. 

Aisah and Moi's personalized Magnum's Ice Cream. Mine was Goji Berry, Dried rose petals and Hazelnuts. HEAVEN in mouth. Seriously craving for Magnum's Ice cream while I was typing this. -.-" #KKNEEDMAGNUMCAFE #PRONTO

Around 7.30 pm; almost 8 I think, we decided to head back as I have KTM and KLIA Express to catch while both of them have their own agendas. Hopped into the sardines-packed KTM and headed to KL Sentral, bought KLIA Express ticket and reach KLIA2 around 9 pm. Went to Jaya Groceries inside KLIA2 to get some carbs for tomorrow breakfast, texted Chris confirming what time he will picked me up and headed back to Tune Hotel to refresh and get some energy for tomorrow challenging Viper's Challenge. As usual, got myself into pre-race or pre-event adrenaline rush and couldn't sleep. Typical Fay. Was so afraid I ended up exhausting myself like the previous Dark Run, so I ended up reading my newly bought book. Was 5% through it and I went into a half concious sleeping land

End of Day 1, next would be the most exciting and crazy thing that I have ever done in my life. YES, Viper's Challenge.

Till then,
Have a blessed Easter celebration everyone!


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