Easter Weekend 2015

I hope it was not yet too late to wish everyone a blessed Easter 2015. May this Easter bring us lots of abundant blessing and joy.

I'm taking a short break from my #travelogue post here. Day 2: Viper Challenge post will be up perhaps by this weekend. *finger's crossed* So, Easter 2015 - like previous previous years; I celebrated Easter with my fam bam.  My little sister requested to go back home early on Thursday to celebrate the 1st Triduum with family. Attended the White's Thursday mass at St Augustine at 6.30 pm and then tagged along with my baby sister, brother and his friends to watched Fast & Furious 7. I cried like a baby. I was expecting Brian's character ended up getting kill or something in the movie - I didn't expect he is alive! After all, Paul's little brother really can't replace him! Toward the end, during For Paul tributes - we all cry! The flashback from the 1st FF movie until VD's speech about their brotherhood and that See You Again song. *cries* Though I have to be honest, the plot for this movie is not as good as previous one. Kinda messy and ridiculous. But I'm still happy with it, knowing how hard it is for the crews to proceed with production without Paul Walker. #RIPPAULWALKER  #REMEMBERINGPAULWALKER

Received this every year and hopefully another next year. Amen.

Station of Cross during Good Friday.
Easy climb though the land are so dry and dusty; making it harder for some.

The KK city view from Tampasak's hill.

Yours truly, momsie and le sister - shoes! lol

#WEFIE with my handsome dad :)

My parents 

Christ yesterday and today,
the Beginning and the End,
the Alpha and Omega.
His are the times and ages:
To Him be glory and dominion
Through all ages of eternity. Amen

By His wounds
Holy and glorious
May He protect us
Who is Christ the Lord, Amen.

Went out with Momsie and baby sister/brother to get some books. lol 
And..I forgot this nyummy dish name! Ugh. I'm so forgetful these day. @ Centre Point's Food Court at Lower Ground.

And on Saturday, I treat my dad with these nyummy Bak Kut Teh. We were doing some family's outing in search of new football shoes. I think my family had hooked me up with football and I kinda like it. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter's weekend.
Till then,
I'm off coughing blood wtf


Disclaimer: This post was supposed to be published last week, after Easter's Sunday but I caught a huge flu and still haven't recover until now. 


  1. wow great pictures and you have a great page, maybe you have a loss on f4f?


  2. hey Fay. Reading this post has obviously made me miss my parents alot. Gosh, I miss them.I have some deep personal experience this week and it's clearly taught me to appreciate life. Appreciate those people who been there for you for so long ( parents).

    Have a good day Fay!

    1. Hi Cher! :)

      Aww..bah, balik lah. Kasi tenang fikiran with family~ its always helped me ^^
      Totally agreed babe! We need to cherish our parent.


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