X12 Dark Run 2015

Hi, Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile because life got busy etc etc. I just got back from my KK-KL-KBV trip last Thursday and currently home-bound due to extremely bad sun edema. Hence I got few free time from this extra holiday to publish some old post(s) and write up a few drafts before my meds kicked in. *insert smiley face*

I welcomed the month of March by running in the dark as early as freaking 00:20. *chin up proud* I know its been a while since my last update - which is an half-ass food porn's post lol but I am back! I know about the Dark Run X12 from a friend since last year. Kinda in the crazy running mood hence I hastily registered eventhough I partially realize that I have Viper's Challenge in the coming week. If you think that was crazy - I had registered for Malaysian Red Crescent's Charity Run on 29th March which also exactly a week after my KBV trip. I am possessed by the running spirit, thus the 3 (10KM (MiCoach said 12.34KM), 20.8KM with 21 obstacles and another 10KM) in March! YAY LEGS! 

The event started as early as 11 pm as there's no parking allowed inside, all the participants parked their car quite far from the starting line. The 42KM started first exactly at 00:00 am, next the half marathon 21KM at 00:10 am (If I'm not mistaken..) then the 10KM at 00:20 am and next is the fun run 5KM. :)

Even our shoe laces are glowing yo!

The main stage.

Finisher's medal. The heaviest medal I earned so far.

Compulsory #selfie with Finisher's medal.

Last but not least, with my partner in crime!

Though my 12KM time were sucks - but I shrugged it off coz its was my first time running in the middle of the night without music. I was so attune with my pace, breathing and the environment. So everything were so new to me. Nevermind the timing as the experiences alone is enough for me.

Till the next run!


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