Kota Kinabalu - Kuala Lumpur - Krabi, Thailand

Just a short post to briefly explain what is coming soon in this humble blog of mine. So, I can proudly said and write of course that our KK - KL - KBV trip are successfully executed! Honestly I did really expecting some unexpected stuffs such as delays, mis-communication etc but thankfully there were none that we can't handle. #praisetheLord For this post(s), I will be writing in series i.e day by day events and itinerary starting from my solo travelling from KK to KL for Viper Challenge and the amazing Viper's Challenge event itself, then the KL - KBV in day by day sequence as well and some review(s) here and there about foods and hostel that we have stayed for days both in KL and Krabi.

Please stay tune!


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