[KK-KL-KBV] Day 1 - Flight and Tune Hotel {Part 1}

Disclaimer: Apparently I took a lots of photos LOL Hence, this post will be divided into two parts.

Since I have packed the night before, I woke up a bit late around 7 am on Friday, 13th March. My flight to Kuala Lumpur is at 10.20 am and I planned to go to Aiport at least an hour before 10 am. Arrived at Terminal 2 around 9.40 am, said goodbye xo to le' momsie and as usual her advises were "be careful and do not forget to pray" then I went directly to the departure hall. As usual, I went stalking through the social media i,e Instagram, Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter etc to kill the time. Boarded timely around 9.40 am and suffered 2 hours and a half in the flight - fighting to sleep, as usual. lol

As usual I couldn't sleep, so I decided to order their in-flight meals - Nasi Briyani with Vegetables curry (coz its was Friday and lent, so no meat day) and a bottle of Ice Lemon Tea. By the way, the Nasi Briyani haven't arrive yet when I snap this photo. lol

Toilet's #selfie @ KLIA2.

Reached KLIA2 around 1 pm. The plane were connected through aero-bridge which I super like - no need to carry my luggage all around, just roll it on. Its was my first time at KLIA2 eversince it started its operation a year ago. I never had the chance to visit KLIA2 because I always transit at Senai, JB even for last year Bandung's trip. My first impression of KLIA2 - ERMAGAD. Its was HUGE. I kinda got lost for a few minutes there looking for Tune Hotel direction and KLIA Express station.

Because I was kinda lost, I brave myself to ask the Security guard a guidance to Tune Hotel. Easy peasy. Just went straight and went down the escalator and go right (there's a sign - Tune Hotel this way) and about 5 minutes walking distance, I finally reached at Tune Hotel safe and sound. I was supposed to check in at 2 pm but when I ask the receptionist if I can checked in early, she said yes. So, I checked in at 1.30 pm. FYI, I have booked Tune Hotel earlier for 2 nights stay until 15th March, approx RM400 for 2 nights (inclusive all the taxes). I think for taxes only - about, almost RM50. -.-" *money flip wings*

Chilling while watching P. Ramlee's classic movie.

However I think the stay and the price are worth it because the room is soooo comfortable and clean. Its was huge compare to the previous Tune Hotel at old LCCT terminal. Though it was close to the airport, its actually very quiet. 

Almost wanted to snatched this big mirror home. lol

I love everything about my room. The interior design, the comfortable bed, the toilet and even the fan! Seriously guys, staying at Tune Hotel might be a bit expensive but kinda worth it. Moreover, I was in need of comfortable stay after my Viper's challenge. Thank God I choose to stay at Tune Hotel over the other cheap hotel near KLIA2.

Tune Hotel's lobby area. A great place to hang out, chilling and socializing.
Even the view is picture perfect, aite?

To be continue in Part 2.



  1. Sya pun sesat dlu di KLIA2 tu...salah gate haha bestnya jalan2..lama sdh sya x kluar dr sabah lol

    1. HAHAHA Besarrrrr gila kan moi! Mau 1 ari jga sy study tu jalan di sana hahaha bah, apa lagi..plan la hehe

  2. Lol, I am concentrating on how far you've change from previous years. You losing weight!!!!

    1. HAHAHAHA Not really losing weight bah, just lose few *happy* fats here and there lol


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