Unboxing XiaoMi RedMi Note 4G

CNY came early this year and I'm blessed to be able to afford a cheap RedMi Note - the upgraded version of 4G by end of Jan. #thankGod I was actually aiming for MI 4 but my budgets were limited to KK - KL - KBV trip by mid of March so a cheaper version of XiaoMi phone - RedMi Note 4G is the second best choice for my poor purse.

XiaoMi is a China - Taiwan based product. The phone were manufactured in the same company in China that produced the Apple - Iphone as well. Hence, some of the Mi design actually quite resembled the Iphone. I'm not a brand enthusiast - as long as the phone didn't broke me or lag/slow on me then we are OK. Sorry S3, I didn't kick you aside because of the memories that you've held but because you are so slow baby. I hate slow as I hate waiting. #nuffsaid

The phone came in a simple brown paper box as such. People said its look cheap, but for me it look creative. 

Er. Sorry a bit blurry. Took this early morning so I must've been asleep for a few second there.
Now it is time to see what is inside...

In case you are wondering where is the phone - I used it to take this photo(s). lol
It came with USB and its charger, manual and warranty. That's all.

However, here's a thing - I love almost everything about this phone except the charger. The old school two-flat-pin charger and I have to steal use the adapter to charged my phone. HATE IT!


Screenshot(s) are easier using Toogles! Thanks to Lexa for sharing the tips :)

Since I'm not really a techie person, please find below the specifications for this 4G Note.

So here's my general POV after using this awesome phone for a week:
1. Cheap - I bought it less than RM600 because there's an ongoing CNY promotion.
2. FAST - with build in 2GB RAM, I haven't experience any lagging or system hang so far.
3. AWESOME camera! 
4. The big screen is soooooo awesome for reading! *yay*
5. OMG. The internet were super fast! Probably because its was 4G.
6. IN LOVE with the phone. STILL. lol

1. Lots of awesome themes must be bought using Mi credits. I've checked and most of the China's bank I don't recognized. Moreover, my paypal is dead. -.-"
2. Some of the apps are still in Chinese though I have changed the phone default language to English.
3. I cannot pretending to write emails on the phone anymore coz the screen is too big and my HOD will know I was stalking Instagram. lol
4. Haven't find any other con(s) yet, so far.

Currently in love with Baby G.

Till then,


  1. Lol, thanks for mentioning me. Wait a minute..RM600 are way too cheap even my MI 3 was like SGD200 something l;ike that...if am not mistaken..

    1. lol You're welcome babe! :)

      Cheap coz got promotion that day. Did you know Lazada sold it out at RM589 (if I'm not mistaken lah..) and cepat betul not even 1 day sudah sold out. Mi Malaysia x payah ckap la, HAHA semua sold out.

  2. Replies
    1. Wen i was still using MI ada ba org tanya, eh u can play game with xiomi? Punya la dia downgraded hp sa.tp jgn ko xiomi buli tangkap pic with ages sekli tau...

    2. WHATTTTT?! Gila honestly this phone seriously underrated oh! Padahal the spec can compete with Samsung and IPhone.
      Yaaa! Lots of people said the camera is damn good hehee

  3. Eh, two pin? Mine is three... xD And there's actually a lot of free themes... No bank or paypal needed... heheheh

    1. Yah, 2 pins oooooh mine! :'(

      HAHAHA Ada juga yang free but inda ngam d hati hehee :P

  4. bagus juga ni Xioami ni..not bad juga kn

    1. Iya Beaty, Bagus ni :) Memang not bad. hehe

  5. On the bottom end of the back, you will find the Mi logo and an antenna strip. The speaker grill moved towards the bottom of the device beside microUSB slot.
    xiaomi mi6


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