My Travelling Essential (Must - Have)

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It is the season of travelling - plus with the upcoming school's break in March. *yay* Have you plan any of yours so far? I had few (wow..few already?!) planning in mind and some are already confirm. I just finished finalizing my KK - KL - KBV trip for March and some local wanderlusting adventure were still under research and planning. So I thought of sharing a few of my travelling essential - a must have items that I need to bring along when I travel.

1. Wallet
Its contain my ID, bank cards etc and cash. It is really important for me to bring my wallet along as I'm very clumsy with things. If I didn't put my ID or cash in the wallet, I'm very sure to lose it somewhere along.

2. Passport or Identification (ID)
Crucial. Does not matter if you are travelling domestically or International. I think this is one (or two..) must be packed together. I have forgotten my ID once and I almost didn't managed to cross the state border to Labuan. #lessonlearnedwell Hence, before I leave the house I will ensure that I have packed both nicely inside my travelling bag.

3. My phone
And its fellow charger etc. I came to realized that nowadays I've always relied on my phone for almost everything, especially during travelling. It help me to kill time during the long ass flight coz I can't usually sleep it off like others; I tend to think that when I sleep, I will woke up flying on the clouds. Pft Immature I know. On certain vacation I didn't like to bring DSLR with me coz 1) It's heavy 2) I'm clumsy and I scared I might lose it 3) I have VSCOcam; Who need heavy professional DSLR? lol So it act as my main camera! My phone also act as my GUIDE during travelling. If I didn't know how, where, when etc I mostly rely on my *google-ing* skills. Yes, that skill exist. OH, and I also use it to connect with my family by letting them know that their beloved daughter is fine and enjoying her vacation, minus the time when they asked me to buy something for them lah. -.-"

4. Portable Charger a.k.a Powerbank
Definitely a must - have especially when your phone act as camera, guide, time killers etc coz not every place you go have the plug to charge your phone. Hence this baby is a totally must for me. I will make sure to charged it fully 100% a day before I travel. Your phone is useless without this baby. #TIPS Make sure your powerbank can charged up to 2 times to ensure smooth phone operation lol

5. Sun-block
And a basic make up stuffs i.e BB cream, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powder (act as my daily eyeliner) and lip colour. I like to travel light. By light, it does not mean that I didn't pack up any make up or toiletries with me. I packed less than what I used at home. As for sun-block, it is very crucial for me because I tend to get sunburn very fast and easy. -.-" Probably because I hardly go out under the sun. My current sun-block is from Sunplay brand - Ultra shield with SPF 130++ PA. It is also water-proof! *yay*

6. Shade
Usually I will forgo my huge-ass spectacle and opt for contact lenses instead. As I'm using lenses, I need my shades to protect my eyes from the harmful sun rays. Plus everyone need a good shade to take a good selfie, no?

7. Body Lotion
I bring this baby not only during travelling but everywhere. To work, to the gym, church etc etc. WHY? Coz I'm not blessed with a smooth and fully hydrated skins. I have to work for it. My skins are known to be extremely dry when travelling especially when I sleep in the air-conditioned hotel. Hence my favourite body lotion by Nivea is included in my travelling must have list.

For the rest of items which didn't make it to this list - shoe or flip-flop etc Its actually depend on the place that I'm going. Thus it is more specific instead of general as mentioned in the list above. Anyhow, I hope everyone who have plan to travel this upcoming March will not forget any of their essential items. Please ensure your passport or Visa has been renew and so on.

What is your travelling's essential or must have items? Please share in the comment section below.

Till then.


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