Lunch @ Nasi Ayam Ho Chiak, Megalong

I'm not really sure since when I have become a foodie blogger - I mean, I do share some food-porn but not to the extend that I took photos of everything I ate. lol Anyhow, let just begin by saying that 1Borneo and Megalong @ Dongonggon are the only places that I hang out these day. If I'm out on date with my girlfriend - it would be 1 Borneo. Though it was a bit far but the place is less crowded than  Suria nor Centre Point. As for Megalong, it was a place I go with my family. So last week month, upon purchased of my new phone; we were very very hungry and decided to take our lunch at Nasi Ayam Ho Chiak @ Megalong. This restaurant is always full! We were lucky to find a table that particular day. Hence, this food review (almost alike!) post is up! 

Have to cut off momsie's head. lol

The pyramid chicken's rice. Though I find the rice portion is too small - for me lah; coz I'm a fan of carbs liddat.

Steam Chicken. OMG The chicken is sooooooooo good. 

Hmm. Some vege which I do not know the name. Chinese-cabbage(?) I think. lol

Thai's style Chicken. The sweet and tangy-ness plus the chilli equal to awesome-ness. Its was so delish! *inserticonfacelickingatthecornerofthemouth

There are lots of choices especially the non - halal i.e pork, pork and more pork. lol I have tasted their pork's dishes before and it was finger's spoon's licking good! Price - wise; I think everything is cheap and still affordable. I just wish they will give a big amount of rice next time. lol

Nasi Ayam Ho Chiak
Location: Ground Floor, Megalong


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