January's Favourites

Hello Fabulous February!

I'm back rolling in blogsphere and be ready to read all my rant(s)! Kidding! I'm back for good. I even started to rants in Dayre again - well, actually just to clear few things up with myself. lol So, I've been seeing a lots of monthly favourite especially from Beauty's Youtubers and Beauty blogger. Thus I'm inspired to write my own version of monthly favourites - nothing in particulars though. I think it can be beauty or make up related stuffs, sports accessories, phone accessories and all things / stuffs / memories that I've been liking for that month.

Hence, I will begin with the month of official freedom a.k.a January 2015.

1. XiaoMi RedMi Note 4G 
So in case you haven't followed me on Instagram or Twitter; you probably didn't know that I've finally traded my lagged S3 for a better and cheaper (plus faster version) smartphone - XiaoMi RedMi Note. I did have a draft post separately prepared for this awesome phone, so please wait for the tech-noob review of mine. lol Guys, meet my new beau - Baby G. Baby Gold since the casing is gold and I have no idea why I have this weird habits naming all my stuffs and called them 'boy'.

Baby G. *eyes sparkles*

2. Baby G's OOTD a.k.a Casing
Bought the gold one at Megalong for RM29 plus I got discounts since I bought screen protector tampered glass. My top fav would be the gold since its almost resembled IP6 design. lol Meantime the red case, I bought from Wawasan plaza while browsing for my dad's flip casing. Its cost me RM16 only. The material is a soft rubber with spongy design which I love to tap when I use this casing.

3. Victoria's Secret Body Mist - Strawberry & Champagne
Was a bit hesitant when my lil sister told me that she bought this instead of "all the fruity" fragrance as I had described her. Despite the not-all-fruity, I totally in love with this body mist. Its gave the cheerful yet professional-kinda-smell; probably because of the champagne(?). My lil sister bought this at duty free shop at Labuan for RM70. 

4. Monopod
I'm quite satisfied with this cheap monopod. For RM18, it's quite sturdy to hold my big and heavy RedMi Note. Reason of buying - for Viper's Challenge & KBV's trip on March. Still though, I won't take selfie using this monopod. Its would be sooooo awkward doing so in public. -.-"

And that is all for my January's favourites! Till the next month favourite post.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were personally bought by yours truly with her own money. CNY ong is really good this year. lol


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