#88LOVELIFE by Diana Rikasari

#88LOVELIFE book has been in my wish list since its was published in October 2014. At first, I thought the book will somehow exposed to Malaysia's market and I will be able to buy it at local bookstore such as Popular, Harris or Times. Sadly it is not. For the 1st until the 3rd printings, I heard that the book were quite hit and sold out very fast. Hence the 4th printing in January 2015. After being clueless on how am I going to purchase the book - travelling to Bandung or Jakarta did crossed my mind. lol Zurynn introduced me to one seller in Instagram. I followed her and placed the order immediately. After I made a payment, send the receipt to the seller yadda yadda, then a few days later..a pink bundle of joy came in the mail!

Welcome home baby! *hug*

"This illustrated book is about the author's daily thoughts on her love and life experience. Uplifting, motivating, this book is essential to your daily #Whatsinsidemybag, so you will always feel inspired. Expect lots of good energy and beautiful illustrations inside this book." [Source]

My thoughts on this book:
1. Lots of people have been complaining about how small and few i.e short read this book are. I think this book live up to its expectation of being very suitable for the #whatisinmybag category. Its small and you can carry it inside your small purse and read it whenever you feel down or you want to spice up your Instagram feed by taking photo of this book literally everywhere. 

2. I LOVE all the quotes in the book. Some I can relate deeply. *ahem* Hence, I've been sharing some quotes in my Instagram. Familiar much? 

3. The illustrations are awesome! I think what's really attract me to this book is first - the striking pink colour. Secondly, the cute illustrations by Dinda Puspitasari. 

4. I agree though, 88 facts or quote about life and love is not enough. lol Sometimes I crave more.

5. I wish I can buy this book in IDR instead of MYR coz really RM49 (Luckily it's postage inclusive) is really expensive. It only cost about MYR23 if in IDR.

6. Last but not least, I wish to collect more inspiring, uplifting and positive books like this in future! 

*teary* Coz I can related.

Post note (1): Eversince I had formatted my previous S3 and changed to a new phone - I miss my E-Books downloader app. It was no longer available in the play store or in any website. Seriously though, I should have save the apk file for that awesome app. Sigh. But life has to go on. Hence, I bought lots of books nowadays instead of E-books.

Post note (2): In case you're wondering where I bought this book - I bought in from an Instashop @ModestroKL in Instagram. Though mine was a speedy delivery, my BFF in JB received her book tad late, perhaps because of the courier service. So she is still pissed. lol Cheer up babe!

Post note (3): I am not sponsored to do this post - as usual. lol Book are bought using my own hard earn money - I no longer have BF who claimed to support me. TQVM


  1. Hey you are back. I did stalked about this book as soon as I saw ur post on IG. I have to admit I am not a fan of books like this but as much as i want to avoid negativity vibe I went to read some reviews and surprisingly - i fall in love with this book. I must say the illustration are cute and pretty. So I made myself ordered one all the way from Palembang. Can't wait. Lol~~

    1. Hi! HAHAHA I'm back!
      Really? Yaaaa, at first I was also a bit hesitant HAHA But upon reading all the review, OMG. Beli terus eventho mahal.
      BTW, How much did it cost from Palembang?

  2. Hey there.. Not so sure how mch still as i asked my friend to buy from her hometown. Wait till she coming bck to work this Thursday.


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