I Love You, xx

OMG! It is the three words! Don't be mistaken; it's not directed to you-know-who but its was dedicated to my own self. I believe 2015 will be a year of self-discovery and it is a year I finally know how to love myself more than before. Before, I was afraid. I was afraid of being alone and being unwanted. I have the lowest self confidence and self-love before. I was scared. If people around me leave me; I thought that no one else will ever wanted to be with me. I have stayed and keep getting hurt again and again. But the thing is I allowed that to happened because I didn't love myself and I thought I deserved it. I thought I will never going to be happy alone and lonely.

To fell down, broken, getting hurts, feeling all the pains - Its has opened my mind and my heart that I'm the ONE and ONLY that hold the key of my life. If I allowed bitter people run wild in my own life, of course I will be bitter and negative as them. There will be no happiness. There will be no spark or joy of life. I also discovered that - being in love with myself; I choose my own life. Either to be happy or sappy sad. There's no regret. There's no interference allowed. ONLY ME, MYSELF and I. HEH. Quoting Beyonce' now. 

And being alone now; I didn't even feel lonely or sad.
Instead I feel content, calm, happy and peaceful.

And that feeling when you spend your time alone with yourself - doing the things that you love. It's amazing. I even fell in love with myself more. *giggles*

I Love You,
Keep going strong and stay awesome!
Yours Truly


  1. I was alone for almost 3 years. During the first year of alone time I was went out dating here and there because perhaps I am worried of felt alone but I get hurt in the end.

    It was pretty hard to start on at first, well there are no things easy to start at first right?..

    Soon after that I am much happier with my life because I tend to care and love myself a lot!!!

    some people say:
    Love when you ready not when you alone. Lol!!!

    1. Hi Lexa!

      Oh yes. I find its was really hard..at first. Probably because I'm used to company and
      sometimes..yes, I feel alone. However, nowadays everything keep getting better and better,

      My family and friends are here to cheer me up and accompany me. :)
      HAHAHA OK. I'll keep that in mind. Not that I'm looking for someone in my life now. :P

    2. Hey, you keep good at it. I enjoyed my 3 years of single life. I believed things happened for reasons.

      When I looked back although those 5 or 6 years bitter relationship was really hurt but am glad it happened. If it I am not where I am now.

      Loving my life!!!

      Come let's get fit N travel...

    3. OHHH YESS!

      Definitely going to enjoy life, getting fit (YESHHH..) and travel more!

  2. I can totally relate to this post. I was in a relationship that was going no where for years. I finally pulled the plug in 2013 and I am so, so much happier and content without said relationship. Humans are wired to have partners BUT we need to enter a good and positive relationship, not one borne out of desperation and low self-esteem.

    1. Hi Phy!

      Thanks for sharing your previous relationship story and I'm glad that you have left those kind of shitty relationship. Strongly agree that relationship shall not be committed out of desperation or low self-esteem.

      Honestly I think I'm much more happier with myself - alone at the moment. You know, just to be with my self and if I'm lonely, my family and friends are there for me. :)


    2. And rmb I am also ur friend. Lol, self declare LG tu..

    3. Of course you're my friend Lexa! :)

      You always gave me encouraging advises which I really love. hehe


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