Dinner @ JBorneo Native Village

A couple night ago we finally had a chance to redeem our Charity coupon at J Borneo Native Village. The luncheon and dinner were a charity collaboration of St Anne Chapel together with J Borneo Native Village to raise a fund for our small chapel. We came in with a few groups consisted of my family, my uncle's family and his workers plus my brother and his church buddies. Little did we know, there are lots of group from the church community came in for dinner as well that night - obviously to support the event. So blessed to be in such community. 

This was my first time to visit J Borneo while my parents had attended several weddings and function there. I was mesmerized on how nice the place look at night time - with the lights made from the bamboo all across the side-walks. Ah. Such a beautiful view. I probably the only one who enjoy the view while the rest are so occupied with company. So just imagine myself went all around in the dark taking photos.

Loving all the lights. 

Dry Butter Prawns

Fish with Thai sauce

Complimentary traditional foods - Hinava (fermented fish) and Bambangan

Mixed Vegetables - Tasteless to me but perfecto for those who eat clean.

Crispy Roasted Chicken

To be honest, the foods were okay. Just so-so to me or maybe I pick the wrong dish. -.-" My absolute favorite would be the Hinava, the Fish with Thai sauce and the tauhu dishes which I didn't take photos. However, my brother told me that their Lemon's Chicken is delish. For those who like to be in nature environments and love to eat traditional foods - I totally recommended this place! Plus there's a karaoke as well! *yay*

Till then.
Yours truly is going to dozed off early for tomorrow run.



  1. Hey where were this place again?. Looking for some place to hang out with my foreign friends this coming March. It tempted me when u mentioned abt the Hinava. Been a very long time nvr have some.

    1. Hi Mandak,

      The place is near Lokkawi Zoo - try to google it!
      YES, the hinava was the most yummiest one I ever had. :)


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