Day 1 of 2015

Oh HI. Hello there! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!

I'm bored as all my family members are asleep at the moment (It's freaking late evening @ 5.30PM as I'm typing this - and they're still sleeping) and my lil sister already went back to Labuan this afternoon. Thus I'm bored. I had an awesome NY celebration with the family last night. I had few drinks and I ate a lots and managed to stole a couple of nap before the clock tick 00:00. Since we were celebrating up high on the hill at my Uncle's place, we were able to witnessed the amazing fireworks display from nearby area and even from KK City! The views are so amazing! 


I have shared this video in Instagram and Facebook but since both were private (and I was thinking of deactivate my FB..) so I thought I shared here as well. Last night, we had awesome fireworks going on and we parted with 2014 with lots of wishes and hugs!

I still feel surreal though. How a year can changed so much and changed the person as well. Last year, exactly on this date 01.01.14 I was planning an engagement. However this year, I'm preparing myself emotionally and mentally for the ending. I pray to God that I'm able to get through this mess and eventually I will be happy again. It's not that I'm not happy now. I am; honestly. But when everything are still unsettled, there'll always the things or memories or questions that tucked me in and I feel really unhappy about it. Moreover, my mood changed suddenly last night after receiving a NY wishes from him. I know he meant well but really - I hope he read those wishes first before sending to me or "Happy New Year" is enough. Lets just sticked to one word communication like you used to treat me OK coz no worries as I won't attack people during NY. I still have heart. And again - I have separate draft post for this. LOL

Plus, I feel rather unhappy at the moment because my S3 SD Card decided to kill itself. If its wasn't for work - I might throw the S3 out as well. As much as I love my S3 before, I hate it to the core now. Overheating. Lagging. Battery power drained like super fast. I even hate the camera now and so much more! I'm eyeing Mi 4 at the moment and hopefully the Chinese God of fortune will give me more and more ONG or if not more, like last year also can by CNY this year. I really need new phone.

*eyes sparkles*
This will be one item in my wish list for 2015. OHHHH I have tons of wish list for 2015.
But I write those later on - tomorrow or maybe or no. HEHE

Though I have tons of wishlist, I have only two (2) New Resolutions this year:
1. To love myself
2. Seize the day - Carpe diem

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year Celebration.
Lets see what 2015 has to offer for us.
Till then, Stay positive!


  1. Am using the MI 3 now. Eyeing the IPhone 6+. Hope I can get it real soon.

    Btw, Happy New Year 2015.

    1. AHHHHH Everyone said MI 3 is better than MI 4. What say you? HEHE
      WAUU. Not really a fan of IP but good luck!

      Happy New Year 205 too! xx

  2. I've been using MI 3 for 6mths now. It's fast. Even lately I've been writing a post for blog using my MI 3. I took photos and play games also. Quite fast and simple. It just that I prefer something larger that MI 3. Well, I am a game addict so something bigger I fun to play.

    1. OMY. So gonna try these XiaoMi phone. hehe

      I think my S3 telampau lagging suda & I fed up HAHA

  3. Well, xiomi quite a hit in Singapore last year. The red MI and MI 3 was selling fast. After MI 3 they also released another one but not so sure wat is the model. Someone close to me used that model but he complaints it's too slow compared to MI 3. So far, I hv not experiencing any lagging yet just few problem when I first used and that was when I update my Instagram. MI 3 cannot upload the pic, I thought it was my phone but actually I was wrong and finally Instagram already fix it and everything run smoothly. Sekrg pun Sa type blog using MI 3. Tp not big enough for me. And for the phone design color pun very limited. I don't like black. Kalau Ada white cantik. But so far belum LG nampak Ada MI 3 white color ni.

    1. Mi 4 got white colour! HEHE Yaa..All IP users recommended MI phone sebab it's very good.
      AHHH Cannot wait for bonus and bought new phone!

    2. Arggggg now hv to consider if need to switch to IP. Ya because Android Kan... Senang mo dload games apa Sja..

    3. HEHE If for me, I would love an IP but since I'm a cheapskate and I believe I couldn't afford to buy all originals for IP so I will stick to Android. :'D

  4. I also facing the same problem using the S3. But sya susah mau ganti, its a gift frm c Alex bnyk sentimental value sma sya

    1. The S3 also have some sentimental value for me..but I rather forget those. Bikin sakit jiwa kan pakai S3 sekarang...UGH

    2. I threw all my sentimental stuffs tat was given or bought together with him. Itu pun masa last minute sdh pindah to Singapore. Even brg yg Sa paling suka pun I just put it away and throw. Except one phone coz no other phone Kan. But maybe once I switched have to IP will throw tat away N use my MI as substitute phone.

    3. I keep everything in the boxes (for now...)
      I plan to return everything to him..except my bear(s)! LOL The only reason why I didn't return the bears because I didn't think of him
      even when I saw those fluffy bears. I already acknowledge those fluffy teddy bears as mine so no way in hell I'm going to returned it. :P


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