Alliance Bank Sabah Coastal Run 2015

One thing that I had learned well from my 1st run for 2015 is never ever ever registered for more than 10KM if I didn't train enough. With lack of training nor any exercises - I am glad to finish strong (If almost unable to walk is strong..) and created a new PB for myself. We flagged off exactly on 6.30 am and I started with a good pace - between 10:54 and 11:01 at the first 2 miles. At the 3rd mile my pace went down to around 13 and the rest of the miles were in between of 14 and almost 15. My right knee was so tight and getting worst at 9KM. I had to stopped twice to get the knee sprayed on and had to speed walking focusing only on my left leg. While some runners race it up to the finish line - I walked like Rihanna HAHAHA and finished exactly 1 hour 47 mins. Its was damn hot which also contributed to my lack of motivation to push my body. Luckily my knee only had a small injury and now I'm limping around until its heal. I'm currently suffering from sun burns and post run body ache while typing this.

After the run - trying to get hydrated as much as possible because it's bloody hot.

My 1st Medal out of the 5 that I've been aiming for 2015.

Eventhough its was terribly hot - I still queue up for this yummy Char Kuew Teow.

The leftover coupon after Ice cream, some Cendol and Kuey Teow.

I made it! I'm very proud of myself. *pats legs*
What I really like about this event is that how you can see all the enthusiasm of all runners that participating in this run. All are ready to give their best and push to their limits. Truly inspiring.

So the next run is going to be in February and this time I must push my lazy ass to train.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the run! What will be the next one? Penampang 10K Run perhaps? :D

    1. Thanks Tom! :)

      YESHHH, the Penampang 10K Run but I haven't registered yet.
      Hopefully there's still lots of empty slot.

  2. Hi!! Lamanya x bising2 sini hihi congrats! kali ni btul2 sdh sya mau ikut ni HAHA! tp yg penampang 10k run mcm full sdh yg last 17th klu x silap info la...aim for mrc run la ni on march...very inspiring! ^^

    1. Hi Amoi talawa!

      YAA BAHH. Tutup suda registration dia kemarin hahaha silaka..x sampat sy register. -.-"
      Kompom ahh kompomm ahh..Join to MRC Run ahhh! Sy cari ko di sana nanti..neggege

  3. bravo fay!!! seems now running is so in o kan..

    1. Thank you Beaty!! :)

      Iyaa. The runner community makin banyak ni di Sabah. Very good actually sebab its encouraging for a better and healthy lifestyle kan. :D

  4. Hey, never really join this kind of running event. I have no idea how it is!!! It will be quite embrassing tu Kan if I suddenly ikut but know nothing... Cud it be all abt running and stamina??

    1. Hi Lexa!

      HEHE It's just a normal running event where you just ran to whichever KM you've decided to participated.
      Jom lah join. Seem like KK have a tons of running event this year. :)

  5. Great Post! It's been a long while since I last visited! :)
    How have you been??


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