Kudou Makeover by CSA Team

I've always been obsessed with kudou @ eyebrows. These obsessions know no boundaries. LOL Its cost me so much money on eyebrow pencils, gel, powder etc just to achieve that thick and *the it* kudou. After tons of re-planning with my friend - we finally made an appointment with CSA Team (Cabrine's Solibun Art) who are famous for their kudou makeover last week. We were so excited and we got lost because of over excitement. BAHAHA Still laughing a little whenever I remembered the *sesat scene*. After taking the correct roundabout, we finally arrived about 5 minutes or 10 late due to inefficiency of my brain to read photos maps. -.-" 

We knocked the door and VOILA!

The infamous Cabrine's studio. 
Ms Cabrine herself is absent but we're attended by her two lovely assistant - Cinta and Claire (Oh, I stalked them in Instagram; that's how I know their names HEE) 

So we're asked to filled in some form first and which of the products we're opting to do. At first I was like - OK. I will go for normal shaping using tweezer because I thought I can handle it. However Cinta assured me that waxing is much better - its was fast, clean and smooth. This is true though. With no experience of waxing eyebrows (I waxed my legs - it's a different things and pain's level. OBVIOUSLY) I thought I can handle it. Man, luckily the process are fast - I almost teared up because its was so painful. Cinta was so thoughtful, she asked me if I was alright when she heard me gasped in pains. I said OK and just go ahead. No need to prolong the process + pains right? HAHA And sooner it ended (Praise the Lord!) then Cinta started to draw the shape that she think suited me. She showed me what she's doing - I mean the eyebrow's shape and I thought it look OK so I just give nod of approval. 

Here's our #selfie after tinting process. We're waiting about 10 minutes (I think) and they removes the tint and taught us how to draw the kudou. Both of the lady are super nice.
Customer service seriously AWESOME 100% guaranteed.

Paid the bills and #selfie shamelessly somemore in the car. 

To be honest, I was a bit reluctant about the strong black colour kudou (black because of the tint) at first but when I got home and washed it - I feel much better. Its was actually look very natural if I didn't draw my brows. However, I was lost by the next morning on how to draw my new kudou. HAHA So I just drew and shape *hentam hentam* and luckily it look nice. 

Its OKAY. Practice makes perfect.
If you're interested, you can check out CSA Team at Instagram @misscabrine

Christmas's present for myself NO 1 - Kudou makeover DONE


  1. Wow, nice kudou. Just wondering how much they charged?

    1. Hi Lexa,

      Its actually depend on what kind of set you pick - either go for normal shaping with tweezer or wax, if you want to do tinting etc. :D You can check out their Instagram for more info.


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