Kota Kinabalu Wetlands

Often we wanted to go out from KK or our beloved country and satisfying our wanderlust at new places. However it's quite expensive (sometimes) and you have to deduct your precious annual leave just for 2 or merely 3 days of holiday. Since I was *still* in saving money mode for next year trip - I thought of exploring KK or other place in Sabah for a time being. It's a cheapest way to satisfied these raging wanderlust without breaking the bank. I hope. LOL Anyhow, I first came across this place when I google what to do in KK and places to visit in KK. Amazing as always; Mr Google came up with this particular wetlands; Kota Kinabalu Wetland slash KK Birds Sanctuary. 

Kota Kinabalu Wetlands
OFF Jalan Bukit Bendera Upper
88400 Likas. KK. Sabah

Tel: 088 - 246955 / Fax: 088 - 247 955
Website: www.sabahwetlands.org / Email: swcs@abahwetlands.org

Entrance fee / Conservation levy:
Local Student - RM3
Local Adults - RM5
Non-Local Student - RM10
Non-Local Adults - RM15

What you shall not do if you're visiting this place.

Along the way, you will find information board as such. It's educational if you really wanted to know about the inhabitants of Wetland.

At first I thought we can finished this tour in 30 minutes or less. Little did we know, we have spent almost 1 and 15 minutes walking and enjoying the views and donating bloods to Mosquito's clan.

*HI* Let me show you what happened during the low tides - the land became like this. LOL

The view are amazing! Even under the scorching hot sun - still took my breath away.
Nature at its best.

At this place, you can watched the birds quietly without the need to sneaked on 'em when you want to take the photos.

View from the top of Observatory tower. You can see KK City from here! 

Don't look down if you're scared of height.

The surrounding wetlands.

You can also visit their exhibition hall next door. Nothing much to see there. LOL We are just passing through without even reading.

Hopefully there'll be more places like this in KK.


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