Hi Seoul - Korean Fusion Restaurant, Likas Square

Most authentic cuisines like Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Western are considered quite expensive here in Kota Kinabalu. Most probably because the competitions are not as high as KL or other places. Luna & Moi are very lucky to stumbled upon this Korean Restaurant at Likas Square recently - Hi Seoul Korean Fusion Restaurant located in Likas Square. The signboard is quite huge so you won't be lost finding this restaurant.

I think we're the 1st customers that morning. 

We sat by the window. BTW there's another cafe just beside Hi Seoul - Don't be confused because the restaurant actually inside the building, not outside.

The environment are very comfy and you feel very relax. As usual, it's a very good place to gossiped hangout with friends. No over the top interior design but some of it do look Korean-ish to me but some are modern. Maybe that is why they called it Korean Fusion?

The Menu.
The best thing about this restaurant is that you can adjust the spiciness of your dish. They also did indicated certain dish spicy's level to ease those who doesn't eat spicy food or to those spicy lover who thoughts of giving their dish a try. #thumbsup

They do have breakfast set as well from 6.30 am to 10 am.
The breakfast set also very cheap and affordable.

Luna's breakfast set.

I think it's a beef's soup with dumplings and according to Luna - YUMMY and very fulfilling.

Spicy Korean Chicken Hot Pot.

AHEM. As a spicy food lover; it's a must for me to try this dish out.
And I'm so freaking glad and of course freaking love this dish. There's this thing about Korean's food that makes you wanted to eat more and never stop eating - even if you're full. If there's a food in front of you - You will still eat it.

The spiciness is just right for me. Not too spicy until my tongue went numb and I can't enjoy my food. Luckily the spiciness is tolerable and I'm able to enjoy my foods to the max.

PRICE: Oh Yes, everyone will go loco if I let you guys know the pricing. As you can see in the menu - that's the prices range for this restaurant. Good news is - there's no other charges other than your foods and drinks. YES. It's true. 

When the waitress came and show us our bill - RM30. I was like - EH. No service charge? No Gov charge? OMAIGAD. I finally found my favourite Korean's restaurant!! I have to go back there - AGAIN and SOON! LOL

Or maybe I exaggerated a bit. TEHEEE

PS. It's a Non-Halal Restaurant.



  1. The milky soup is ox bone soup! :) super yummy!
    You dish looks so good too, I love spicy chicken!

    1. HAHA I have no idea its was ox bone soup. :D Yaa Yummy!


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