"Because I want to be happy"

HE REPLIED. I remembered those text - clearly. How little did I know about this egotistical man whom only dared to text me to settle things.

Happiness based on other people misery will not going to last long. If you really wanted to be happy, you should just settle everything earlier. Only then you go around and tell the entire bitch(s) population that you're a single man. First of all, I won't attack you or her if she never existed in our relationship. The fact that you have left me hanging while you're spending your time with her instead of working things out with what's going on with us - PISSED ME TO THE MAX. All the while, I've helped you pretending everything is alright between us in the eyes of our parents and family. While what are you doing Mr? If you still haven't realized that all of this happened because of your own faults in decisions - making. Then man, you've must be so vain and self-centred human being. 

What's the point asking me who's the friend that had back-stabbed you? Have you thought of someone who might go behind your back lately? Or perhaps he is the *friend* that you've back-stabbed earlier? And what makes you think its only ONE person? What if you entire best buddy told me? Have you ever thought of that? THERE'S NO SUCH THINGS AS BACK-STABBED IF YOU AND HER AIN'T REAL. Even bimbos know that.

You really have no ideas what you've done to me. You have no right to treat me like a garbage and toss me around. I'm human. There's only so much pains that one can tolerate until its changed me. But really..EVERYONE NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME. TO MY FAMILY. AND TO YOUR FRIENDS. 

You have to remember this - I didn't ruin your life. You DID. I'm simply one of the longest victim staying quite until now; when I've reached my limits. God heard my prayers and he saw my tears. So yeah, I wish you and your current hypocrite bae are happy now. Watch for Karma though, she might just around the corner. *smirks*



  1. Hey, I am not so sure what is happening to you but i wish you are fine. Sometime relationship are pain. You just need a courage to move on.

    1. Hi! Its been a while. :)
      No worries. I'll be strong and move on.

  2. Oh Fay I didn't know you still blogged~ I made a new blog, hope you recognise me haha
    I understand this a lot and I know what it's like to be cheated on!! But we will get stronger while those cheaters get weaker and realise they will have no one in the end. I really do hate it when they say "who told you this?" why would it matter who says it or not?! -__- Obviously smart people know the difference between right and wrong and act upon it.
    Hope you will find someone much more deserving, but in the meantime, I think it's a good time to focus on yourself and do the things you want to do :)

    1. Hi~!
      Oh, still blogging hehe
      Yep, planning to do the same. Just forgive, move on and be happy. Eventually *the one* will appear
      sooner or later. :D


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