Adios Bittersweet 2014

I don't know why I feel obligated to write this post anyway. All I can write is - I had a weird year. Or perhaps more exact is a bitter-sweet year. There are ups and too many downs but hey - I survived. I think. Unless there's an obituary with my name before 2015 arrived. -.-" To which I hope not. So lets recap all the bitter and sweet of 2014, shall we?

1. I got engaged to my then 4 years BF. I was so fucking happy though the happiness didn't last long. What did you expect from a relationship build based on lie and lie and more lies? Well. It's truly bittersweet. I have draft post for this.

2. I traveled to another country. Bandung, Indonesia to be exact. Its was so awesome. I had tons of fun! I travel a lots in 2014, locally though. JB still count what. LOL I want to do it again next year. Not even a missing plane can stop me! #prayforMH370 #prayforQZ8501

3. I've experienced the biggest (so far..) and full blast depressions in my entire 25 years old life. I thoughts of dying, hurting myself and all those dark and negative thought(s) a human being can possibly thought of. I hurt myself but the scars are healed now. Thanks God!

4. In the midst of the darker time of my life - I found myself. I found God. I feel so blessed and I'm so grateful.

5. I went from a couch potato to obsessed runner! I did 7K and 10K in 2014. I already plan for next year running event and targeting at least 5 medals. LOL I even registered a run on my birthday! *throw confetti* I will be celebrating my 26th birthday on the trails with mud and all it's inhabitants. I even registered for extreme Viper's challenge in March 2015. *shriek*

6. I finally lose weight. BAHAHAHA 

7. Toward the end of 2014 - I find closure

So 2015 - I am ready. I'm anticipating more of being single again after 4 and a half years being in relationship with a cheater. No regret though as I love hard and got my heart broken badly but I learned well. I'm a different person now because I know what I want now. 

ADIOS bittersweet 2014!
*I'll survive song playing in the background* *fist held up high!*

Till then.
I'm going to enjoy the last few days before 2015 come crashing.
Carpe diem; Seize the day


  1. i did lose weight after broke up with my not so called bf but glad lepas tu jumpa pengganti which is my husband sekarang ni. tp gumuk balik lepas pregnant bahahaha.

    i believe 2015 will be a good year for u. stay strong and have fun.

  2. HEHE I'm glad that you've found your soulmate after breaking up with your then ex.

    YES. I believe 2015 will be a good year as well! :)


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