A season to be happy

Greetings! AH. Another 3 days before Christmas; or practically 2 more days if you started to celebrate the Christmas's Eve as well. I'm not yet ready - physically. I still haven't decide what I want to wear for this long weekend holiday and I even work on Christmas Eve. -.-" Honestly, for the last two weeks I was in high adrenaline rush and went through short term depression though not as horrible as the first one but today I thought to myself - SCREWED sadness, depression and all that muthafacka things - TODAY AND FOR THE REST OF THIS WEEK, I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. If I have to pretend to be happy; then I will be. As long as I am happy. Even if this words doesn't makes any sense at all.

So I'm going to play the Christmas's song out loud while cleaning my bedroom and my closet. OH YES. I'm cleaning my closet. Put things that doesn't belong to me anymore safely in the boxes and keep it away from my eyesight; at least until next year or until I can return it to its owner. I'm too tired shutting myself out from my family. Hiding all the feelings from them - totally another call for a relapse. This time; I want to fight. I will fight sadness with happiness, hatred with more love, burdens with blessings, stress with letting go and lets God and many more! This Christmas season brings more to me than the celebration itself; even my Christmas present is awesome! 

I am one truly blessed, favoured and loved.
I believe it now.
I even tattooed it as reminder.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

Much love,
Fay xx


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