I am that type of woman that you will never *guess* or truly know about unless I told you - myself. I will be all polite and smiling and shits but really - sometimes I just faked it for the sake of socializing. Even when I was dating ages ago - I will always keep my guard up until I'm ready and feels comfortable to let my walls down.

So far, there are only few people who knew me very well. The F. My BFF. My little sister. Honestly, even my parent doesn't know me well enough. My wall(s) are very thick and I hardly trust people. I always have this mindset - people get close to me because they want something from me. Which actually quite true and I always ended up with disappointment.

I'm a physco.
But most people doesn't believe that. OK. Never mind.

Anyhow back to the post title; I recently feel extremely uncomfortable about certain someone who is actually quite a dearest friend of mine. At first I feel comfortable with him - at friendship level. However recently he is coming too fast on me. He does know my current situation with the F so I think he thought he have the opportunity to slipped in and be the white knight (?). Too bad though, I ended up feel extremely extremely extremely UNCOMFORTABLE. 

1. By law and rights, I'm still engaged. 

2. I already friend-zoned him since the beginning of time. REALLY.

3. He is not my type.

4. I don't date CW. PERIOD.

5. He actually got a girlfriend.

6. I'm faithful and I still have faith. I don't jump around to next relationship when I was still in one (refer to reason Number 1).

7. Trust me - I'm not his type. 

So I've been avoiding all those flirty text etc and yet he still approach me like I gave him a green light. I believe my red blazing light is my strongest game ever. Sigh. He's still coming on me and my oh my - I'm damn uncomfortable with this situation. I like him as friend and really - I don't want to lose a friend. I don't have that much nowadays. However when it come to that level, I have no choice but to downgrade him as "CW". I have no choice because I must take care of myself first. If I'm not OK with it - I must detached myself from it. Right?

At this point, I truly HATE whatsapp's double blue ticks - which meant read. -.-"  
Since I now know how the F feels whenever I went physco on him, so I decided to lay low for awhile coz really - its suffocating.


CW - Yes. You guess it right; it's co-worker. 


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