Shopping for Christmas!

OMG! Another 40 days before CHRISTMAS is coming! I'm freaking out to the max because I haven't plan what I'm going to wear for Christmas this year. *gasp* This is so not me - forgetting things and forgot to plan (?) Really. Not me. I  blame on my humongous workloads since my HOD is currently on leave and I was left - literally alone. 

So one less busy day - I went scrolling looking for inspiration. What I'm going for this year? Being a lady - wear a dress and heel (again). All red, green or blue according to the season. Or simply being ME - whatever I'm comfortable with but still look really good without breaking my already broke bank account. HEEE

This year, I've decided that I wanted to go Chic and Simple.
My inspiration would be Marian Rivera.

Her get up is always simple yet still look naturally gorgeous. Effortless.

Next would be - google-ing for cheap sale!
Let go.

Simple Floral top will never go out of style.

Since my legs now have a much better sexy shape - I can finally rock dem Skinny Jean! *throw confetti* and to finish it off - complete all this simple look with Zalora Basics Suede Pump in RED. RED is sexy. RED is cool. RED is Christmas. #ohyeah

Have you decided what you want to wear for this festive season? Not only for Christmas but also for New Year. ZALORA is now on crazy and amazing SALE - last I checked they are having 84% sales. Ain't that crazy?! I literally went crazy putting (almost) everything in carts!

Feel free to use the voucher code for 15% off for all products purchase in ZALORA.

Happy shopping!


  1. i will also be doing my christmas shopping this year on zalora.. mcm teda masa mo jalan2 shopping baju oh utk ni tahun.. can't wait for christmas!! hehe

    1. Same la moi!
      Malasss mau pg bertarung sama jem & orang ramai di KK..
      Online shopping seja la this year hahaha

  2. Am I the only one not crazy about Marian Rivera??? I don't understand!! xD hahahhahaha

    1. I like her sense of style(s) and her now fiance' - Ding Dong. TEHEE And that's all. :P


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