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Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner. 
~Author Unknown

Today I decided to share few photo editor apps that I have in my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone. However, let me remind all of you reader that one of the awesome app I have is a paid app. Means you have to sacrifice some dollar for it. You decided if it is worth it or not. For me, of course it is. *insert tongue sticking out emoticon*

Last time this app is only for Iphone user but now this app also available for Android user.
Eversince this app were available in the Play Store, I didn't think twice and downloaded it. In fact, most of my photos being uploaded in this blog are edited by this app. It's very simple and there variety of free and paid filters you can choose. #vscocam in the Instagram and you'll be another amazing photographer with awesome filters!

Almost similar to vscocam but this one came with tons of editing options! The only downside - it is a paid app. However, its not really expensive and only about RM3.50. I think for a cheap price, you actually got apps that have tons choices of filters, frame shape, editing options etc. What I dislike about this app? SLOW. On my S3, it's pretty slow after I applied the filters; or maybe its just my phone lagging again - being Android. Sigh.

Shark Photo Editor
Not many know this app existed. Its truly almost a carbon copy of AfterLight and it's free!And the only thing that turned me off is the ADS! Grr. But still I admit it is a very great photo editing app. 

Pixl Express
I admitted that I used this app ONLY for collage. HEE. Since it was very easy and fuss free. Sometime I will use this app to insert some wording etc. Plus the filters are not bad as well.

I don't own any DSLR and usually I just borrowed my super talented lil bro's DSLR but still I can't do much coz 1) I don't know how to change the setting i.e ISO etc 2) Sometimes when I put the DSLR in auto mode - the picture turn out to be suck so I don't know what to do 3) My lil bro asked me to stay with phone camera and took only selfie! 

The nerves! 
OK lah, I admit my photography skill probably only limited to taking selfie. Esp those face-slimming one. TEHEE

So what is your favorite photo editor + camera apps in your phone?



  1. hahahaha the only photo editor i have in my phone is VSCOCAM and Squaready..

    1. HAHA saya terlebih banyak pla ni moi! Tapi paling sy suka actually tu VSCOCAM sma Afterlight..hee


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