Last night while rolling left and right on my bed trying to get some sleep - I thought to myself; I hate myself for being a VIRGO at this moment. WHY?

Coz I always always always always ended up getting not enough sleep because I went crazy b*tch overthinking stuffs right before bed. At 1.30 am; I ended up crying my eyeballs out because I can't controlled my damn thought(s). Everything came in instant - problem at work, financial problem, hanging relationsh*t problem and of course problem that did not yet occur yet I still think about it. My body were so tired and sore but my brain decided that they want to go down memory lane - what I did wrong at work today? Why I must wished him a good morning text? Why I can't move on? Why I can't save more money? Why I'm insecure? Why I can't make my parents proud? Why I can't drive stick? Why Why Why and every damn each of WHY(S) always cause myself to cry - for stupid reason and woke up with bloody swollen eyes in the morning! 

For real.
If only my brain have an on/off switch - surely I already turned it off ages ago.

Then at 2.30 am, I grabbed and hugged the teddy bear(s) that he gave me as a gift years ago - I fell right into sleep comma.
I didn't even heard the alarm this morning.

Sigh. xx


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera" and "flash curiosity news".



    Greetings from Italy

  2. Heyya sis :)! I've been go through your blog & what I have to tell you here is, "you are not alone". Depression does kill a lovely person. It starts from our thoughts & eventually will affect our actions towards others, as well as ourselves. Pray. Keep on praying & ask God to help you in overcoming this. Sometimes, things are not as worse as we thought. Yet, because of that d*** depression ended us up like this. Be strong & stay strong. God be with us all the time. Feel Him, rely on Him. He will help you go through this. Be happy, stay happy :). God bless!

    1. Hi!
      I'm not sure who you are but Thank you :)


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