Last week in October

Overdue post. lol My previous post is pretty depressing so I thought of some environmental changes in this blog. LOL Oh. Hello November. Another month before the 2014 finally end. Time flies huh. 

What I've been up to last weekend in October? Pretty much a lots, actually. Well, I didn't spend my weekend wallowing in sadness you know. TEHEE

All Souls Day
Visited my late uncle's grave which I didn't managed to visit during his 1st anniversary in September. Since I owed him a visit and an explanation(s), I brought him a flowers and prayers. I keep on thinking about him. Uh. I missed him the most, especially right now. 

I hope you're happy up there uncle. xx

Back to Brunette
After a month of being blonde; I finally regretted the day I bleached my hairs and decided to revert back to Brunette. I look really messy and pale with blonde hair. Moreover, I look so PTI-ish. Hence, the brunette.

Stole this photo from my own Twitter. lol

Weekend Gym's grinding
Basically everyone now know that I went to the gym every weekend and sometimes weekday. Since I hardly run these day - I compensate it all at the gym. I spend approximately about 2 to 2 and a half hours in the gym with reps between cardio and weight training. Currently I have lost 2 kgs and I'll be on a low carbs diet started next week; which is this week by the way. The reason why I want to lose some weight because I need support for my upper body training; the less I weigh - perhaps much more easy for me to do pull up etc.

I'm always the happiest person I am after working out. And damn if those feeling aren't addicting.

Let go and Let God
After my last post, I received many motivating comments and I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate it. At this stage, I'm at a point of letting God take control and trusting my heart.   

If its was meant to be; then no matter what happened - It will be.
I trust in You, Lord. Amen.
Please keep me in your prayer's loop everyone.

Till then I'll try my best to stay and spread positive vibes. 


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