Not Planning on You by Sydney Landon

OMG. This is long overdue review! Gosh, it's in the draft ever-since the World Cup season. Geez. I've been seriously busy huh. Anyhow, before the WC season, I managed to download the Danvers series by Sydney LandonOf course with my new sleeping pattern (less than 4 hours sleep due to unknown insomnia - I bet on stress) I managed to finished 'em alls in a matter of 2 days. Not sure whether I should cheers on that or not but *yay*...awkward. *cough*

Anyhow, today I'll write about my favourite series in the Danver's collection - Not planning on You by Sydney Landon.

Suzy Denton thought she had it all: a great job as an event planner for Danvers International and a committed relationship to her high school sweetheart...

But now her life has gone to hell in a hand-basket. Not only did she discover her fiancé cheating, but a recent corporate merger is making her job very difficult—mostly due to Grayson Merimon, wealthy CEO. Gray is a man who goes after what he wants. And, after their first meeting, he wants Suzy.

Even though he looks like every fantasy she’s ever had, Suzy is wary of the powerful businessman. She likes her newfound independence, even if her best friend thinks it’s an excuse not to risk her heart again. Besides, she doesn’t think Gray could ever be interested in a relationship with someone like her. When he calls her bluff, Suzy agrees to one night together. 

But when circumstances continue to throw them together—and with Gray determined to show her that two opposites can be a perfect fit—Suzy realizes that she might just have found the one man who can give her what she always needed… [Source]

I freaking love Suzy Delton; even from the 1st series which is Weekend's required featuring her BFF - Claire. I love her sassy attitude; which you can hardly find in any Alpha's male-dominating books. Alright, this series unlike the 1st one actually less dominating though Gray is still radiating the Alpha-ness around Suzy and yet it seem like she's the one who wear the pants in the relationship. #yaygirlpowers

Its funny how different these two individual are; Gray is more toward 'I want her in my life and in my bed - forever' while Suzy in the other hand - despite her sassy mouth and pretense of 'I'm a bad girl, you don't want to mess with me' attitude were actually a mask of a very nice girl - to which Gray had known since earlier and make him more attracted to her. Suzy of course try her best to avoid Gray after her failed relationship with her fiance' but when the chemistry between both of them are unavoidable - she thought; why the heck, just agreed with Gray and get that one night stand he suggested just to let their steam off. 

I was anticipating the steamy *ahem* by the point Suzy had agreed to the one night stand thingy yet...a very funny event came up which resulted me roaring with laughter - alone in my room; in the middle of night. Yes. I have to emphasized on how awesome this book are; I'm laughing and crying in the middle of the night - you can judged by that. *ahem* The plot is very straight-forward, no twisted of going to the past etc - just simple and direct to point; just the way I like it

While Suzy and Gray's relationship are growing closer and Suzy started to fall for Gray. BAM! Unexpected event came up! Totally unexpected! Some books are pretty predictable but this one - totally caught me by surprise. Who knew Gray and Suzy's relationship are tested differently (Well. Not really different but still its shock me! Hee) and DAMN - I gave standing ovation to Suzy's attitude during their crisis. I wish I can be strong as her! #girlpower

By the time I finished the book - which is at 3.47 am and I'm supposed to work the next morning YET I still sleep with this very satisfied smile. HEHE I know it's a good book because I don't regret sacrificing my beauty sleep. 

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  1. Hi.May I know which site you download for this book.thanks

    1. Hi Anon,

      I downloaded it using E-book downloader via android phone.
      You can search the apps in the Play Store (or Google store).
      Hope you can find it!


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    1. Hi Joshua,

      Noted. Shall follow your new blog via GFC later! :D
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