I heart Running

It's been a while since I last write something..with lots of word(s). Usually its just a tons of photos and caption or sometime caption-less. I even fret to called myself a Blogger these day because I hardly write or blog! Excuses will be the same 'ol same 'ol. Life happened. Adapting to my new life and just trying to survive - everyday. lol I sound pretty depressed; which is very true coz I AM.

Depression - It's the first reason why I started running. I am so depressed and in order to release all those tensions and stress; I put on my running shoe, plug in my music and walk then run. Well, I got you there. lol I first started running because I wanted to lose weight. Yet it failed because whenever I exercised, I tend to eat a LOT. My appetites became double and craved carbs all the time. I kid you not.

I shall changed the dessert to CARB. lol

Though my life are pretty hectic at the moment; with transition of a new tasks, new things to learn, dealing with different people's bad behaviour, personal and family's problem...I always try to find time to run. The least will be 20 mins of 2KM or sometimes more. I always feel BETTER after a run. When I was sweating and my heartbeat blasting through my chest - I feel relief, proud and awesome. 

There is something about post-run that make my mind clear and I can make a better / braver decisions of certain problems and I always always always found that the problem is not that big actually - FYI I'm an over-thinker. I think a lot and I worried about things a lot, doesn't matter if it's a small stuffs or a bigger one. I always over-think and its always lead to mood swings and insomnia. However, after I started my running routine - I sleep well at night and whatever things that bothered me during the day are gone after my run. Though all of those I've mentioned are basically what I feel or what I gained from my run but I do know some people who are having the same awesome results as I am.

To all the people who keep on asking why I love to run these day. lol

If you asked me 4 months ago if I can finished 5 KM run, I probably said "Whattttt? I'm beautiful the way I am. Bla Bla Bla" All those denials - I love myself etc while in honest truth, I'm overweight and I do nothing about it. That's so wrong to say that I love myself coz obviously I'm not. If I love myself, I should keep myself in healthy condition - Eat right, Exercise and always think Positive. So I tend to raised my eyebrow whenever I heard an overweight person answered "I don't need to exercise coz I love myself the way I am now" and I wish to slapped the honest truth on their face. OK, this is out of topic. lol But still I'm lucky because I realized it soon enough to be able to change my lifestyle. Thank God!

So basically I love running because I want to keep my body fit (in its top condition) and to ensure I'm physically and mentally strong and to challenge myself to participate in running events. Moreover, I love it because the feeling you get towards the end are soooooo damn addictive. Don't worry if you found yourself getting addicted to running coz I know how serious obsessive I am at this moment. lol

Trust me. Try to put on your running shoe and move your body.
I admit I hate running before but now I wish I could run 7 days a week. But NAH my body need a rest and I need to do some strength training as well.

P.s Its doesn't mean that you have to run to be healthy or stress-free but if you're in lost, perhaps you can give running a try?

Lets spread on healthy and positive life  


  1. I wish I could run but my knees just won't tolerate it! I have to use the elliptical and go for walks.

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    1. Sorry to hear about your knees!
      Glad you use the elliptical and go out for a walks. :)


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