Hillsong's therapy

If you all still remember my previous post where I confessed that at one point of my life I fall into depression and thought of commit suicide? Though I didn't elaborate much but writing those confessions are actually quite a big thing for me because my family didn't know my level of depression during that time. I have NO ONE that I dare to talk to. Eventually all my close friends and little sister started to notice and started to support me emotionally. Giving their time for me to able to share my suicidal feelings etc

I am, most of the time are very practical person. A very typical VIRGO. I do want I want, I ignore what I don't want. However, during my depression time - I honestly became the person I hated the most. I am 100% are not myself. One of the advise my close friend gave me is:

"No man is worth of your life. You shall never gave up your life because of a man."

So months has passed and I'm now feeling all positive and I must admit, I think I've become a new person - a better ME. Apart from my little sister and close friend's supports, I have the biggest support from God Almighty. Somehow, during those dark time, I've became closer to God. I have this some sort of song's therapy session where all Hillsong's song in the playlist and I'll put it in full volume, sing a long and cry. I weep like a baby until I fall asleep. Ah. Those day. And sometime during Church's service, I tend to get all teary when I sing a long with the gospel. I've became this super sensitive person. Though lots of people cracked and became a HARDER person, I'm on the other hand became more emphatic than before. 

Anyway, below are my Top 5 Hillsong's song that help me a lots during my darkest moment and all of these 5 songs makes me cry - like heavy pours cries. Very ugly one. P.s Please don't try to imagine that. hehe 

Hillsong - Healer

Hillsong - You Hold Me Now

Hillsong - I surrender

Hillsong - Stronger

Hillsong - You're my strength

At the end of the day, I feel so grateful for what had happened. I still firmly believe that it's a blessing in disguise. Though the inner battles are still ongoing, I'm now humbly can say that either way; I am still truly blessed. Thank You Lord!

Are you depressed and in need of spiritual support?
Try to listen to Hillsong. Its help me. I hope it will help you too. 
I'm currently listening to their new album - NO OTHER NAME. Smileys


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