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Hello ♥
I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I'm for sure had a very awesome one; well spent with my beloved family. Despite the gloomy and raining weather, we went to the Church for early service then head home to take lunch and naps. Since we cannot go outdoor, we decided to do karaoke sessions (coz it was raining quite heavily, thus no one will hear us! lol) Other than spending time with my lovely family, I also spend time reading my new book! Its so cheap and I couldn't help it. So please expect reviews soon.Smileys 

Finished this book last night early dawn because I couldn't resume my sleep after having stupid nightmare. 

Then today I continued on my next purchase; Melt into You. Yes, all my three purchase are *ahem* erotic novel. Couldn't help myself.

#selfie actually taken yesterday - A movie date with my beloved BFF. I love my new hair colour tho its look very yellow before. 

Bought this new kick for a very affordable price. Promotion is everywhere!
I will use my trusty Rocklander for trails and hiking.

Oh. I also had a bad news - I couldn't participate in Ranauthlon Trail's run this October because of Doctor's order (Low BP due to my current allergic meds). I'm devastated and thoughts of being a rebel - but again it's for my own sake. Never mind though because a friend just cheer me up by sharing 2 running events which will be held this month and upcoming month; November. I just registered for the 10 KM run in Nov and hopefully can register for the 5 KM colour run as well. *fingers crossed* At the same time I have to re-arrange my training schedule because I'm only allowed to do long run (more than 1 hour) for twice a week. Still I'm grateful the doctor didn't ask me stop all my activities; just to reduce all those extreme activities until my BP goes normal - hopefully soon! 

For today, I am so grateful for everything; for the quality time spend with my family, my friends, my own space and even all those problems that keep on bugging me - its help strengthen me up! Thank You Lord.

Till then.
God Bless.


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