#FitMalaysia Teluk Likas, Sabah - 10KM Fun Run 2014

With their tag "Mari Kita Fit Bah" - #FitMalaysia came down to Sabah on 21 September 2014 (Sunday!), promising tons of fitness activities ranging from cycling, running to the extreme of cross-fit, martial arts and body combat.

I did saw their event's photo in Facebook earlier but at first I just shrugged it off; don't have friend to accompany me and I'm not really into being "cool and awkward" again. LOL Not sure how but I went to their website and got hooked with their 5km and 10km run. I never go for 10km before and every runner who finished their 10km run will received a finisher medal - I was like...*quickly typed in and register* That time I don't care if I have to go alone, all I want is the medal. However approaching Sunday, I was nervous because I'm not sure if I can finish 10km. I was having doubts etc and I'm blaming my body insecurity. Sigh. I still have those. Double sigh.

What's so cool about my first 10km is..I'm running or particularly fast-walking with my mom. She's 49 years old and still fit; in case you're wondering. Despite her high BP, she can beat me through running and fast-walking; she even win 7km fast-walking in 29 mins last year. Honestly she is the best running company I had so far and we have tons of fun, or making fun of people. TEHEE

Booths! And actually there are lots of 'em. I'm just all nervous and selfie-ing around instead of taking all the booth's photos. TEHEE

Mi Mama & Moi! Oh Yes, I put my brows on. 

Ms J5414 and Madam J5413 

To be honest, my 1st 10KM timing were kind of sucks! LOL 1 hour and 25 mins; what do you expect from a beginner? However, I am so damn proud of myself and I can't even stop bragging about it. I bet Mi' Mama iz proud of me as well. For an overweight girl like me - to be able to finish this 10KM is a great accomplishment!

Another 2 running events for 2014; Trails run - Ranauthlon in October and PJ Half Marathon in December. Gotta train hard and smart. OH. And I also registered for Viper Challenge in March next year! #wohoo

Why am I so into fitness these day? Shall write a different post for that particular topic soon!

Till then.


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