Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run 2014

Oh. Hello there!

Finally I’m able to write up something much more positive today! Since I’m still in bragging exciting mood, I shall brag share about my recent participation in Sutera Harbour’s 7K Sunset Charity Run. Of course I shall be honest as well; it is my first time – yes, you’ve read it right. My FIRST TIME to participated in such event; excluding all those teenager’s years of course. TEHEE.

So let me begin with the earlier event happened prior to this charity run – I’m having a very hard time to find a friend to accompany me to run together! It seems like most of them are so in love with their fats or simply very busy and has their own event to attend, obviously. However, my supposed to-be partner in crime had emergency work-calls where he has to go to offshore. Hence I decided that I don’t need a friend to run – so there I was; awkwardly alone and very lost.

I, honestly didn’t expected to finish the run in less than 1 hour since I was targeting around 1 hour 20 mins at least. LOL Yes, I do run at least 2 to 3 times a week but mostly it’s only between 3 to 5 KM and averagely it took me at least between 30 minutes to hour sometimes. So it’s a shock for me when I opened my Runstatic’s apps and saw that I’ve finished 7KM run in 54 mins (but I only turned it off at exactly 1 hour coz I was catching my breath at the finish line)

How do I feel? AWESOME! I honestly enjoy and totally immersed in my run and I mostly smile throughout the run (please don’t try to imagine this – I probably look very silly that day HAHA) Or maybe I’m happy because I saw lots of hunk with awesome bods. *ahem*

Crappy quality of photos taken by my S3. Have no time to re-edit everything or even to captioned it. LOL 

I had an extremely wonderful time that day; definitely worth it, even going alone.
Participate in running event (ticked off from my list!)
So another list will be tick by the end of this week. Hopefully everything will go smoothly according to my plan.



  1. Napa ko tidak bawa sya?!!! Hahaha! lama sdh sya teringin join event mcm ni dan alasan x pigi paling utama yg x munasabah ialah teda kawan lol. memang cool la ko pg alone2 hihi

    1. Aik nah, mana gia sy tau contact no ko time tu moi..hehe ya bha, walaupun awkward pura2 sja cool! :D

      Bha jom Ranauthlon bulan 10 ^^

  2. Hey there. Nice blog you have here.. I'm glad i visit. Please feel free to visit my blog.. :)

    1. Hello there Ann,

      Thanks for dropping by! xoxo


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