Road Trip to Labuan

Hola! I'm back and Hello June.
Been extremely busy at work and became super stressed out.  Tsk. My face has become pimples factory ever since. *sigh Anyhow, back to the main point of the post - Yay! We finally managed to get on a road trip to Labuan during Harvest's festival holiday last weekend. Thanks to my FMIL, she managed to grabbed us a ferry ticket - the new Ferry Putrajaya 1 to Labuan on 31st May and Menumbok on 1st June. The purpose of the road trip is to send my little sister back to KML and at the same time, momsie wanted to learned (and experienced; I believe) driving her own Kancil in Labuan. And she nailed it, except one time when we got lost finding our way to The Church of Blessed Sacrament but of course FMIL saved the day. TEHEE.

Since our ferry to Labuan will depart on 9 am, FMIL advise us to reach Menumbok at least 1 hour prior to departure. We left Kinarut around 5. 30 am and reached Menumbok around 7.40 am. Super early than we expected eventhough momsie only drive 70 and 80/KMH.

1# Kimanis SOGT - We can spot the fire from afar.

2# Newest additional ferry for Menumbok - Labuan route; Ferry Putrajaya 1. 

3# Managed to grabbed the last available VIP deluxe room for RM 159/night after looking around for an hour. Most Labuan's hotel are fully book because of the O&G workers. You can spot a lots of them wearing colourful coverall - walking here and there in Labuan.

4# Ambassador 2 Hotel - Lobby

5# Two things I like about Labuan are awesome variety of cheap Alcoholic beverage and perfumes! However, for this trip my main focus are Beers - the one in bottle.

6# Three bottles cost me only RM7.80. See. Very cheap. HAHA 
P.s Please do not drink if you're under-age. *cough

7# Church of The Blessed Sacrament, Labuan

8# Interior - Am in love with the painting on the altar. 

9# Groto - exterior

10# Beautiful painting outside the Church. 

After attended the morning Mass at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, we went back to the Hotel for check out and wandering around searching for crowded Chinese restaurant - for lunch and still ... most of the foods that we ate for that particular 2 days are *normal* or *tasteless* or the prices is not measured up with the taste; as per my young cousin claim. BAHAHA Or maybe we're clueless of where to eat delicious foods in Labuan. After lunch, we went to UK again as my little sister need to buy carton of drinking water. Apparently there is a water supply problem in Labuan.

Dropped my little sister at KML around 3PM and we went back to UK to buy few crates of Beers. We present ourselves and car an hour ahead at the Ferry Terminal, departed from Labuan around 5.45 pm and reached Menumbok at 7.15 pm. And finally reached home sweet home around 10 pm instead of 2 am like the previous day trip. Phew. Glad to be home and rest early.

Till then.


  1. It's been a while I didn't go to Labuan. Miss that place..lots of memories. Hehe. Many things are cheap there, right. Most people will go there to borong alcohol & cigarettes. Haha. But not me, I borong chocolates XD

    1. Hi Aemy!

      Labuan will be my most visited place as long as my little sister is still in KML. HAHA
      Yep, I tend to hoard miniatures perfumes and some *hard-to-find* alcoholic drinks there. hehe Not a fan of chocolates but I do pajak some especially those we cannot find in KK.

  2. oh i miss labuan!! the last time i went there sy pajak the flavoured vodka! sedap oh!! next time when u're in labuan u shud pajak the flavored vodka, so many flavoured and sedap lg.. tp kick dia bole tahan jg la :D

    1. Yes Jess! That is my next target, pokai bha the last time I went there that why x pajak tht flavored vodka..this time for sure. HAHA ^^


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