Its a matter of choice; not neccessity

Hello earthlings! Its been awhile, no?
I'm going through a difficult changing phase at the moment; thus the hiatus. The phase is not over yet, in fact I think its just get started. However I feel like I'm abandoning a piece of my soul in this blog if I didn't write down anything - to remind me in future that I've been through this phase and survive (yet).

To be honest, I think its not fair for me to write down what is going on (yet) but I assure everyone that I'm fine and I'm still standing strong. There are earlier point in this phase that I feel like dying will be much better option but I'm glad I went through the suicidal phase alive. *shivers Thinking and writing about it seem surreal though. I believe in God's plan and whatever it is; I lay my life in His hands because He know what best for me. 

Hope I will win this inner battle of mine and hopefully I can write a much positive post soon.


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