Simple Roasted Cockle

Woke up pretty late on Thursday last week; as 8 am considered late by my dad. However, since it was Labour day - public holiday so he let me passed. Upon regular caffeine breakfast, my poor tummy were seriously growling of hunger. Decided to cooked porridge since we have leftover sup tulang from last night dinner and found out that we ran out of gas. 

No gas, no working stove, no food! 

No worries. Being so domestic goddess I am; I cooked the porridge in the rice cooker - work out well and yummy! No picture, sorry. Then upon digging inside the fridge - I found these.

The local isi kerang or cockle.
Then light-bulb appeared. A simple roasted marinated cockles coupled with lime juice on top of my porridge. Hmmm. Sound delicious.

What I grabbed to marinate the cockles?
4 cloves of Garlic
2 small red onion
1 small ginger
Appropriate amount of salt & peppers

Mixed all the ingredients with the cockle. Add up salt and pepper accordingly.
Leave it marinating for 1 hour or less (depend on how hungry you are) - I left mine around 20 mins and its taste good but I bet it will taste better if you marinated it with all those seasoning longer.

Since I don't have the regular foils for roasting; I just use this oven tray and arranged the marinated cockle like so. Then sprinkles a tiny amount of cooking oils/Olive oil (whatever available in your kitchen) and pre-heat the oven at 250C for 5 mins.

Then popped the marinated cockle in the oven for 10 mins.
I like mine slightly burn with a bit of moisture left. Tho its a bit chewy since I over-cooked it.
So much for being a domestic goddess.
tsk tsk

Even its a bit chewy and slightly burned; its still delicious.

Topped it up with Lime juices and couple with my Sup Tulang's porridge while watching Frozen and SVU back to back.

Ah. Life is good.


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