The perks of being in LDR

Both Beau and I have been in long distance relationship for almost 5 years now.
Since we might going to end this LDR - thingy probably soon *finger-crossed; just want to write a few good things about being in LDR. Come on. You don't think there is a perks of being in LDR at all?

However, noticed that it is only a few perks. *cough

1. In NO such need or rush to impressed your love one
You forgot to shave your hairy arms and legs? Nah. You could leave it hairy for a month if you want. He is so far away to complains about it anyway. HAHA

2. You have as MUCH as freedom as you get being single
You want to dyed your hair pink / red; you go on with it. Scared your love one might know and disagreed? Keep it secret. Don't post it in social media though. That probably will blew it off.

3. Such advise is not applicable:
a) Do not go to bed angry - You can if you're in LDR. Tehee.
b) Kiss her / him when he/she is mad - *sigh How I wish he is so close. Seriously not applicable at all. Wait. This is not the pros. *sigh-more-sigh

Imagine all those years I pray to God that I want this LDR to be end soon. Soon and after what; 4 years? Almost 5 and still not sure if it is granted or not. Eventhough Beau will be transfer back to Sabah, we still live miles apart because I'm in KK while he's in Labuan.
So much wishes for no-more LDR eh.

Still, if we're no longer in LDR - I don't know how are we going to survive living together without chopping each other heads off. We're seriously better being far away and only see each other once in a while as the romance blooms.
I kid you - not.



  1. Omo! Such a coincidence to read this at the moment! Haha! Ok kena biasakan diri la ni. hey, u pun hahaha

    1. Bha bulih tu kamu! :D I kena biasakan diri staying closer which I x biasa. Miahahaa xD

  2. I was on LDR before I decided to moved to this city. Now we fight almost everyday.

    1. Right? I think it is half better to be in LDR coz of the fighting esp. -.-"


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