Run Baby Run

I am very greedy these past few days. 
Even when I told myself I need to rest but my heart say...Go run. HAHA No lah, my inspired *bikini-body* said so. Everytime I finished a run, I will send an official report to Beau. Without any solid reason, I kinda appointed him to be my fitness coach. HAHA

Probably because yours truly always fishing for compliments. HEHE
And Beau always congratulate my hard work(s).

Recently, I beat my own time for my 3 KM run. *jumping-in-happiness
All I can say is.... it's pretty satisfying and that awesome feeling after you knew you've done it - its just amazing and I'm so proud of myself and my poor legs. HHEE

And again recently, yours truly has completed April's challenge of 5KM and burned more than 300 calories. In fact, it is time to celebrate right? Let me get an ice cream for these achievements. HAHA

Yesterday latest achievement. I was running 4KM to LeeSSang's playlist with tears and sweats. Nah. Its just that yesterday has been a pretty emotional day for me. Thus running to LeeSSang's song - seriously great motivator and stress reliever. HAHA

Till then. 
Eating Ice-cream.


  1. That's nice, I enjoyed reading this post! :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for following.

      P.s Followed you back ;) Have a nice day.

  2. OMG! You run a lot I feel guilty for myself for not doing any exercise now >_< Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog :) xx

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

    1. Hi dear! ^^
      Not that lots actually.

      Thanks for visiting my blog as well.


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