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I dread those day I missed my exercises. I used to enjoyed - just lounging around the couch with a big bowl of Maggi (instant noodle) and a cup of coffee next to it and watch Running Man back to back. Life used to be awesome like that. *sigh Though I still enjoy those moment every now and then; I'm more self-concious over my health issues nowadays. 

When I started to feel out of breath; I start my running routine again. When I feel like my body suddenly feel very tired and sore (without even exercise); I start my Yoga practise again. Gone those day I forgot to take 30 minutes of my soon-to-be 25 years old life and spend it on taking a good care of my body. Wah. I sound so drama and very fitness inspired. HAHA Anyhow, to be able to follow (eventho its not really religiously - I must say) those 30 minutes fitness routine; I do have few awesome apps that never failed to helped me out.

1. FatSecret

Fitness Expert (FE) quoted: 80% Diet & 20% Exercises and always remember "You cannot exercised a bad diet". Fatsecret is a food's journal & exercise's journal that keep you on track with most of everything. It has calories counters and you can always track your exercise routine together with your total weight loss.

FS even have the weigh in reminder - I know I know, sometime we dread to step on the scale but it is important to weigh ourselves at least once in fortnight or better weekly so that we know how bad we have been for the week. Work very well for busy working lady like us who need to keep in track with whatever junk food we ate.

Plus, there are tons of recipes uploaded by the other FS members to help us with "eat-clean' lifestyle and it is FOC (I don't think there's in-apps purchase..or they do? Not so sure) coz I'm using the FOC one. 

2. Runstatic - Pedometer & Running (Go PRO)

I love running. I fell in love with it since last year and I never look back. Eventho I only ran for a short distance; around my family's land but I still love it. Every now and then, I try to make a time at least 15 minutes for me to run with loud music blasting. 

However, since the area I live doesn't have a good network coverage; I have to use pedometer to track my distance etc without a proper GPS network. *sigh I must say Runstatic - Pedometer is very very good and accurate (as I do own pedometer gadget as well) and it so cool coz it have distance, frequency and calories burned tracking. Glad I bought the Go PRO apps. Still quite cheap because its less than RM10.

I swear one day, I will achieved 10,000 steps and 10KM distance and and and 300 Calories burned. #fitness goal for April.

Another recommended running apps would be Runkeeper. It's almost same as per Runstatic - Running with their GPS tracking function.

3. Blogilates - Official Apps for Android

Who doesn't know YT pilate's instructor Cassey Ho or mostly well known as Blogilates. 

Ever since she launch her official Blogilates apps for IP & Android, I'm hooked. I freaking love her workout videos especially those POP pilates and HIIT.

In case you haven't heard or saw any of Cassey's workout video, I'll put the link down below for your reference.



Instagram / Facebook

Do check her out. She's beyond awesome! 

I only have those three fitness apps at the moment. I think there are two more but I hardly rarely used them as I preferred those apps above. There are lots of fitness apps in the Play Store; its just you have to find those that suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Did you install any fitness apps in your phone? Care to share?
Till then.


  1. Hey Fay,

    I've downloaded some of the apps for running. But I never use it yet due to I just moved in to this country and has no data plan yet. I will try them some of these days.

    I've checked about Casey Ho after reading your blog and I wanted to thaank you. If you never write about her,I wouldn't know anything abt her since then.

    Gonna try all the routine.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hey Avocado!

      Glad you like Cassey's vids. She's awesome kan. She'll makes our fats cry. :D


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