Don't do things that I didn't

Teens Kids these day! Such a headache.
When I was your age, my parent didn't even allowed me to own a handphone or worse a boyfriend. I don't have FB / Twitter / Instagram's friend nor followers to be bragged about but I have REAL friends; real gems my dearest.

Sometime its hurt my feeling because my parent treated me strictly when I was around my younger sibling's age. I envied them but at the same time (after some mature-logical-thinking session); I'm thankful for my strict upbringing. There are time I do wish I can go out with my friends freely like my younger sister does or hang out with my high school boyfriend without raising my father's temper but yeah..I lived through it. Still the freedom and choice she has been given made me goes green with envy. 

I'm not really going to be all-army strict on her but still am not going all Kardashian on her as well. I mean, come on. With today's society; you can expect worse right. Always trying to be cool and understanding (swear to God; I am not) I always told my sister and my other younger cousin:

"Don't do things that I didn't do coz I know you'll be sorry for it at the end."
  • You're not yet living to the fullest, unless you've started working and dread Monday and having not enough time in your hands
  • You'll realized there are only little different between love and lust; mostly at young age we tend to said lust as love
  • Do not burden your parent with any of your foolish-ness; they tend to all your need since you've been conceived in the womb
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend will left you but your family will always try their best to stand behind to support you
  • Life is never easy but there's no rule saying that you cannot enjoy it; just enjoy what its has to offer and stop being whiny

If they didn't listened to me and faced the consequences; trust me they will try their best to avoid this big sister at any cost for a certain period of time. 

You want to YOLO me young man/girl, remember I live this life first before you - to some extend to know what I'm saying is true.



  1. I always have this thinking,"if I don't do this or do that I will be regret sooner or later". So I spent the rest of my life worrying on things that I should not. Life wasn't that complicated. The upbringing play some part as well, I understand what are you trying to say but well our generation are different from today's gen. But then, I am happy because I was born during our generation.

    1. Hi Avocado!

      Yes, today's generation are seriously seriously way different than us. Its just that my sister and younger cousin has been given a lots of freedom and I can see they'll go beyond worse; especially in term of young-puppy-love-produce-babies!! *sigh

      I just hope they will choose a better path to ensure their bright future or shall they regret anything latter; not really my business hahaa. Still, I'm glad with our gen as well! :D


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