[Traveloque] Bandung Vacation - Part 2

*Photo-heavy post ahead!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ― Laozi

A continuation post from Part 1.

Day 4: A journey to Kawah Putih & Lake Situ Patengan.

1# By far, the farthest (Its took us 3 hours) and MACET (jammed!) journey in Bandung. The view are astonishing and air are so fresh.

2# We reached the Information Centre for Kawah Putih around 12 something; Beau went to buy our entrance ticket and paid the transportation entrance fee. A complimentary drinks at the nearby stall provided for all the visitors that bought the ticket from there.

3# HI. We are here!

4# On our way down to the magnificent Kawah Putih.

4# Kawah Putih; God creations never stop to amazes me.

5# Yours truly, Beau and Kawah Putih. xx
Since I cannot tolerate the sulphur smell any longer, Beau and I quickly snap snap and went up again. I had trouble breathing just being a good 40 minutes there and its get worst if I stay any longer. HAHA After spending a good hour there, Pak Wawan suggested that we go to the Lake Situ Patengan first before going to the Hot spring.

6# Photo from Mr Google coz we didn't managed to take any picture there. *cries
When we arrived at the Lake, the weather is not helping at all. As soon as we arrived, its started to poured. Damn. We're supposed to take a boat and went to these Batu Cinta; as our Supir said earlier.

7# Since it was raining quite heavily; we decided to eat. And hoping that the rain will stop so that we can venture out. Sadly..it didn't stop.

8# With heavy heart, we left the lake and decided to head back to the city. Stop by at the side of the road to take this photos. Tea's plantation all the way through.

9# At the Strawberry's farm, picking up strawberry for fun. LOL I swear Beau is a silent-vain-kind-of-guy coz he pranced me over to take photos of him - like above.

10# But he always failed to take my photo from the least fat angle. -.-" Please ignored the *boroi* and stared at the juicy strawberry instead.

Day 5: Extreme fun at Transtudio - Bandung

11# It is nothing compare to Universal Studio @ Singapore but it surely has its own unique-ness to it. 

12# TS has 4 main attractions i.e games; The Vertigo, Swinging chair, The giant .... *mute (I forgot the name! -.-") and the water ride .....which I forgot the name as well. Plus, there are the roller-coaster which is not really exhilarating (maybe because we played Vertigo first) and cinematic stage.

13# I swear, all the inverted yoga pose being up and down has nothing compare to this shit! I was woozy afterwards and I almost cannot walk properly. Thanks to Beau for holding me up after the roller-coaster ride or I might face-slammed myself on the floor. Playing this and roller-coaster afterwards is NOT RECOMMENDED. HAHA
14# A few more photos around TS.
15# After TS, we went to Toko Tiga - where I finally found the gladiator inspired frame there and then we head back to the Hotel; lounging around the Bar area drinking Teh Botol and the boys trying the beers. 

Day 6: Heading home; Bye Bandung!

16# Flight delayed and we're allowed to go outside. Went outside to spend the leftover rupiah.

17# Self explanatory photos. HEHE
We had so much fun in Bandung. The Rupiah are well spent and the tummy are well fed. HAHA
There are no great excuses for gaining 4 Kgs of satisfaction and er..fats. Nonetheless, its was the best new and raw experiences. 

Thanks Bandung for the memories. Surely will come and visit again.
Next destination: Bali or Thailand?

Till then.


  1. hmmm bestnya... about the 'boroi'..jujur i katakan, sya x perasan klu x baca caption ko ba, napa ko mentioned haha! ok juga ba...not a big deal heee

    1. HAHAHAHAAAAA itu boroi d mentioned supaya diri ini sedar untuk mgurangkn barat. Cewah. :D

      Bha, jangan tggu lama. Lawat la Bandung hehehe ^^

  2. Seems you really really have great adventure at Bandung. So many nice pics!
    I like Bandung myself^^

    Dreamy Princess

    1. Hi Joan!

      Yep. I love Bandung (except for the traffic) but nonetheless I did have so much fun there. ^^

  3. what an awesome vacation!! never been there..they say its a perfect place for shopaholics ^^

    1. Hi Aemy!

      Definitely! Esp if you are up for those branded items. ^^


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