[Traveloque] Bandung Vacation - Part 1

Please take note; it's a photo-heavy post.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustave Flaubert

Day 1: The (keep on) delayed flight / Masakan Padang / Hotel Guci, Bandung

1# Senai International Airport, JHB. Tired of waiting for more than 6 hours here. We finally depart at 6.10 pm and arrived Bandung at 8 pm (Local time) FYI Bandung is 1 hour late than our local time. i.e 8 pm in Bandung equal to 9 pm Malaysia's time.

2# Reached Bandung airport and have to line up for a long queue -.-" Super hungry and asked our driver to bring us to a nice place for dinner. Hence, the masakan padang!
3# The hungry faces.
4# Checked in to Guci Hotel; being booked by our driver earlier.

Day 2: Tangkuban Perahu - Kawah Ratu & Kawah Domas

5# The largest crater of Tangkuban Perahu - Kawah Ratu
6# Yours truly & Mr. Fiance'

7# MUST take photo here. lol
8# We're being adventurous - walking down to Kawah Domas.
9# Unique souvenirs - they are made of patterned woods
10# All around Kawah Domas. 

Day 3: Shopping spree at Pasar Baru, Rumah MODE & Paris Van Java

11# A must-take-photo of Rumah MODE. One of the largest and popular Factory outlet in Bandung.

12# Paris Van Java
13# PVJ has nothing to offer to me (after being *pokai* shopping at Rumah Mode lol) but we did enjoyed the restaurant where we took our dinner. So romantic and all - watching MMA fighting on TV. lol

Please patiently wait for Part 2.


  1. Aaaahhh so jelossss! money2 come to mama! i wanna go bandung too LOL! XD the hotel looks wow oh..hihi

    1. hehehe sy rasa ko bawa 1K pun sukup sdah tu moi..hehehee xpa palan2 plan..^^ mimang wow tpi wowww jga rate dia 1 malam..hahahha


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