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I've been obsessed with SimplySiti products lately. I've been eyeing the Dermagic Moisturising cream and BB cream for a while since I read a lots of positive reviews about it. Thank goodness Watson sell SimplySiti (SS) starter kit with affordable price; interestingly awesome for person like me who need reassurance before investing on some products. There are two starter kit that I saw at Watson; C bright and New Age. I bought the C bright because it's more age appropriate. *ahem

The SS C Bright starter kit are packed in a small box. I bought this at Watson for RM 19.90.

The starter kit came with 2 small products; C Bright Snow Cleanser and C Bright HD BB Cream (in Light Beige) & a sample size of C Bright Snow Brightening Night cream.

I saw and purchase some starter kit before and SS is the smallest I've seen so far. I don't think they should put "starter kit" at all because the size is closed to SAMPLE size.

See how *small* it is. The tubes are almost as the same size of the Night cream's sample. OK lah. Since the real product retail size price also considered a bit expensive, I think for RM 19.90 is STILL consider OK and affordable.

Too bad they didn't include the whole C Bright set - Moisturiser & Toner. What the point of introducing the starter kit with only BB cream and cleanser? Its kind of awkward actually. -.-" Anyhow, the only reason behind the purchase is the BB Cream since I've read a lots of good feedback.

On to the review:

1. SimplySiti C Bright Snow Cleanser
A gentle creamy and rich foam cleanser which brightens your skin thus creates radiant look. Cleanses dirt and grimes. Even skin tone and fairer skin. Unveil luminous and lucent skin.
  • The cleanser fragrance remind me of the earlier year when I started to use and learned about skincare. More or less like Fair & Lovely scent. I don't like it but its tolerable.
  • Only need a small amount because it lather up nicely but not really foamy. Its cleaned my make up residue well except for water-proof mascara. 
  • Is it moisturising? I don't think so. But it won't make your face super dry after cleanse. 
  • PURCHASE the full product? Nah. Retail price is RM25.90 which I considered quite expensive for a cleanser; Olay and Simple cleanser are more affordable and does better job.

2. SimplySiti C Bright Simplify HD BB Cream in Light Beige

Experience a High Definition of fairness, smoothness and perfect flawless skin glowing radiantly in just 30 seconds! Provides total solution for fairness and whitening effect. Promotes even skin tone while giving natural coverage on skin imperfections. Prepares skin before make-up to make it more long-lasting. Improves skin clarity and reduces dark spots. Protects from harmful UV rays (UV A and B) damage.

  • Hands down. #Score The best BB Cream I've tried so far. Yes people. The BEST.
  • Light beige matched my skin perfectly. 10/10. 
  • You know what I hate the most with BB cream? Yes. The grey cast that tend to make you look seriously pale. However, SS BB cream doesn't left any grey cast. Really suitable for our olive + pink and yellowish Asian's skin tone. 
  • At first I was worried about the thick texture of SS BB cream because I'm used to Garnier and Maybelline's BB cream texture which is lighter for easy blending. Phew. Eventhough the texture seem a bit thick; it glide smoothly on my face and blend awesomely nice just by using fingers. A tiny amount is enough to cover my face. 1 application should be enough though you can build it up for full coverage.
  • Moisturising enough but not oily. After application, I only powdered up my T-Zone and I didn't do any touch up during the day; surprisingly my T-Zone are so well behave and they didn't shine at all like some brand. Ahem.
  • The price is a bit expensive but still affordable. Retail price at RM44.90 (Price vary depend on the retailer). Definitely repurchase because its so worthed!

Hold on. Must insert happy-customer face! *tehee

Wearing SS Simplify HD BB Cream in Light Beige, Silky Girl brow pencil, Maybelline - Hyper curl mascara & Lip Ice (Lip balm)

FYI, I didn't write review for the Night's cream because I haven't try it out yet. The product show quite promising claims tho. Anyone had try the whole SimplySiti C Bright range? Share your 2 cents in the comment section down below.

P.s You can check other SimplySiti product in their website http://simplysiti.com.my/

Till then.


  1. wow, good coverage oh tu bb cream dia.. sy slalu guna garnier jg tp mcm sa mo tukar suda just bcos sy in the mood mo tukar.. tu bb cream ada kna jual separately ka tu?

    1. Hi Jess, sy pun dalam mood mo tukar! HAHA boring suda pakai Garnier..Yep, ada kena jual separately tu..cari jak d Watson or Guardian.. :D Banyakk!

  2. X pernah sya try SS range ni..mahal. duhh haha. mmg bagus la tu bb cream kan..lamaaa sdh sya x pakai bb cream o. rindu pula. lagipun sya malas kasi bersih muka ba, cuci trus ja x pakai makeup remover tu la x pakai bb cream knon. tp manatau ada event yg perlu paitung2 sikit haruslah ada bb cream kan hihi

    nice review! ^^

    1. Sy suka ni BB cream dia..mcam foundation tapi x thick and ada tu natural glow (mostly BB cream ada) and wrna dia mimang NGAM sama sy. hehehe Muka sa pucat ni klau x pakai apa2..org pikir sa sakit. hahaha Yaa..mahal kan..tapi demi mo santik...sanggup jga.. :D :D


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