[Review] Schwarzkopf Extra Care - Daily Treatment Spray

You probably had heard / saw / stalked to know that I HATE my current hair. #past-tense
My hair has been BIPOLAR to me. Other day they screamed for help because of the frizzy-ness / dryness / NO - life-ness etc etc but on other day (like a week ago) they were lovely, easily handle and straight / less frizzy. I was seriously tempted to CUT EM SHORT again. Haizh. If I'm not getting married, surely am gonna cut them. P.s Its not likely I'm getting married anytime soon. Please don't misunderstood. Ahem.

So, last few weeks I went to the nearest Salon to cut the dead end and also do some treatment. The salon owner did a very wonderful job trimming my dead end. Phew. And he did some hair treatment for me as well. I'm so happy with my hair; its less frizzy, so smooth as I can run my fingers through without getting stuck and its look alive. HAHA Its been dead for awhile now. *cough However, the condition didn't last long because Er..its has been poorly maintain? I must confess that I'm LAZY BUM nowadays. So upon shopping spree last week, I bought this new hair serum and I really like it.
I have no idea how to pronounce the Brand. Scha-warz-kope -.-"
Bought this at Watson and it comes with 100ml Shampoo as well. Price around RM25.

Product claims: 
The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen range has been formulated to perfectly rebalance the hair’s moisture levels. The special moisturizing formula contains two key ingredients: Collagen and Hyaluronan. Collagen recovers the hair’s elasticity, making it tangle free and easy to manage; therefore leaving it with a healthy shine. And Hyaluronan recharges the hair with essential moisture without overburdening it, combating dryness and leaving your hair smooth and soft. It’s the first hair care range to use Liquid Keratin which repairs the inner structure of the hair cell as well as the hair surface with identical substances.

My 2 cents
  • Easy application - Just sprayed direct to hair or palm and applied on either wet or dry hair.
  • Not oily since its a water based serum. Unlike some oily serum that tend to make oily hair became oilier.
  • Moisturised; less appearance of frizz and dry hair esp on the end of hair.
  • The fresh fragrance. I don't prefer fragrance on some product but this I super like.
  • Smooth hair. I ran my fingers through without getting stuck. HAHA #score
  • Price is seriously affordable. Watson & Guardian always got SALE so better grabbed this during sale as it's more cheaper and sometimes they gave extra product as well. In my case, the free 100ml Shampoo.
  • Last but not least, its makes my hair look and feel a lot healthier.
  • RECOMMENDED for those who have dry and damaged hair / lots of split end / dull hair

Couldn't think of any cons at the moment since I've been loving this product. Am feeling extremely lucky to stumbled upon this product during Watson's CNY sale. Wait. Let me insert a happy-customer's face.

Tehee! #vain-much

Till another review.


  1. I should get one for myself.My hair also bipolar.lol

    1. Hi Dyana,

      HAHA. Very recommended for bipolar hair. :D

  2. I love schwarzkopf...(meh~sya pun xtau camna sebut..even mau spell pun sya refer balik spelling ko haha!) bagus ni..sya pernah guna tu shampoo. mmg kurang kering tu rmbut..kurang menggerbang macam ponti la haha tapiii ada la kali ingredients dia yg sya tak ngam..gugur ni huhu tp tu spray nanti mau try la :D thanks for sharing moi!

    1. Hi moi!
      Confuse kn..xtau macam mna mo pronounce HAHA Really? Sy baru pakai shampoo dia dalam 3 kali lah, okie jga sebab dia hydrating tu rmbut esp hujung. Klau byak gugur pula, mimang rambut sy byak ggur sedia..hahha so x berapa perasaan ni..

      Try lah, memang best ni treatment. X oily mcam yg lain. :D


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