Labuan - Twenty thirteen

"You what? Seriously B. How can you forgot such important thing as IC. OMG"
Beau's WhasApp conversation keep on replaying in my head everytime I think of my recent trip to Labuan.
I'm so careless sometimes. *cough

Despited being left behind by the 7 am Bus to Menumbok, I managed to get on the 9 am bus (Menumbok Ekspress bus - the red colour one) at KK Bus Terminal. Upon reaching Menumbok around 11 something, I realized that I actually forgot to check and bring my IC.  (I need IC to buy the speedboat / ferry ticket) -.-" A very careless and stupid mistake according to Beau (I; myself truly agreed). Of course he was very pissed with me. Luckily I bring my old - punctured IC and managed to get on the speedboat and safely reached Labuan at 12. I even managed to switch my line from Celcom to Digi using my punctured IC OK (after I plead of course. *ahem). #lessonlearned #dontbecareless

1# A nice weather that day. 31.12.2013

2# Random photos snapped by yours truly. Guess? HEHE

Though New Year celebration this year is not that happening but I had amazing time (well spend) with Beau and his family. We had fun preparing foods and taking pictures. I also learned how to do unbaked cheesecake (I swear its so easy) from Beau's sister and so much more. Being feed by family that good at cooking and love to cook; of course I'm in Heaven. HEHE Thank God my weight remained unchanged by the time I went back home!

3# Our first date for 2014. Cheesy much.

On 1st of January 2014, Beau brought me sight-seeing all around Labuan. Truthfully its was our first date on 2014 which I don't even realized until he posted our picture on Instagram with that as a caption. -.-" All I know is I want to enjoy being tourist that day. tsk tsk 
So we went to a lots of place in one day; UK (Ujana Kewangan; its actually some sort of Financial centre slash shopping mall), Water park (I've been there before but Beau forgot but there's no harm going twice right?), the Memorial's park and last but not least The Chimney. Last destination supposed to be the Bird's park but it was closed by the time we reached there. Instead we went to Beau's uncle place to pick some vegetables since it was nearby.

4# Places we went. 

The weather is so damn FREAKING HOT and cost me a tan line all over my chest, legs and arms since we're outdoor all the time. Even sunscreen cannot protect you from Labuan's heats. I'm still suffering sunburns on my face and body atm. Despite the hot temperature, we did had a fun outing together and ended went home almost 7 PM. Meaning its a worthed tan's line. Plus the alcoholic's beverage and chocolate that I bought. Seriously heaven on earth! HAHA

Nevertheless, it was New Year's celebration - well spend at Labuan

Ps. I did record this trip in Feel free to check the short entry out. 
Till then


  1. eee siok..teringin mau pg labuan with gaman tapi teda masa..nanti2 la hehe... sya paling takut klu bab2 hilang/x bawa ic ni sbab sya slalu ejek pilak2 hahaha

    1. Teheee! Siok jga bha. Apa lgi moi, bawa lh c gaman time cuti CNY. HAHAHA
      Klau sy ingat balik pasal tu IC kan..mimang sy pn pndai marah dri sndri ni..too clumsy bha..imagine klau d airport sda mo boarding! OMG

    2. C gaman x cuti time cny huhu pg sama girlfriends ja klu jd la hehe...haha next time mesti sentiasa ada IC ok. peringatan utk sendiri juga ni haha walupun muka sya buruk di ic harus disayangi tu ic hahaha

    3. HAHA iyaa peringatan yg bagus!

      Uduii, bha bwa girlfriends jalan2 pun okie bha tu. Nxt time bilang sma c gaman..hehehe xD

  2. dari sa bujang lagi sa mau p labuan tapi teda ni masa mau pigi.. nanti la mau pigi ni..hi hi hi

    u two look great!!

    1. Tq Beaty!

      Bha..bawa Hazel jalan2 nnt time cuti2.. :) Bulih masi tu pigi..hehee


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